Jun 27 2008Half RV, Half Houseboat, All Totally Awesome


Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International retrofits RV's to make them amphibious. You just drive the massive mother into a lake, and presto, houseboat for the weekend. I want one badly but they cost anywhere between $850,000 - $1.2 million, putting them about $850,000 - $1.2 million out of my price range. Oh well, I guess I can always steal the neighbor's RV and drive it into the lake. It might float. Some sugar in the gas tank should do the trick. Check out a link to the company's website after the jump -- they even make an amphibious SUV and sports car. Neat shit. Certainly brings new meaning the the phrase, "I drove my RV into a lake", doesn't it?

Friend: What did you get into this weekend?
Me: You know, the usual -- I drove my RV into the lake.
Friend: HA! No seriously.
Me: I'm being serious, it's amphibious.
Friend: Man, if you're just gonna lie--
Me: Fine asshole, I had sex with some chick from outerspace.
Friend: No way! Do they really have three tits?

Hit the jump for some more shots and a link to their pictureful website.

Oh, and have a great weekend!





Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International

Thanks Colin, you wanna come over this weekend and help me drive my ex-girlfiend's Jetta into the river?

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The guys over at Top Gear need a look at this. Puts their amphibious vehicles to shame! lol, seems like it would be a little top heavy tho... hope those booey's hold.

Holy crap, that's like the coolest thing ever! Maybe they'll make one with a glass bottom too. LOL

Plus, it gives the water spouts something to aim for instead of saving all the fun for the tornados.

Wild Thornberries anyone?

Wild Thornberries EVERYONE.

If I had one of these, I'd use it to scare the crap out of my friends (by driving towards/into a lake, and pretending the steering and brakes don't work)

@5 You're such a jackass. But I would do that too :o

i personally think it's ridiculously GAY!!!!!!!!!!

These RV'S have been around forever latley geekology have been running out of new news I THINK

freakin cool! hope they could make it submerge too!

Although they are for flotation and stability, those inflatable pontoons are ugly.

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I'm terrified of open water. So yea, no, this isn't for me.
I have always found amphibious vehicles interesting though...I don't know why.

And since I'm sharing, I'm also terrified of insects that make a buzzing noise. Bees, wasps, mosquitoes; if it buzzes, I freak out.

Hey, SmokingGirl, want a ride in my new RV/house, which totally isn't a boat?

But seriously though, I don't have one, and wouldn't give you a ride if I did.

Wonder what happens when everything that's not boatworthy starts to rust?

I believe the Professor was working on one of these on Gilligans Island when the show got canceled. His involved a lot of coconuts.

This isn't new.

This bus thing looks awsome i'de love to ave one.
Plus i love all da cars tht i ave seen tht can fly,drive under and on water and once tht look totally awsome!!!
tht= that

I wouldn't trust those air filled things to keep the thing up!

I wouldn't trust those air filled things to keep the thing up!

Those air filled things don't keep the rv afloat knucklehead. they are so it doesn't roll over. But seriously I would love to have one of those rvs. Thas bad to the bone.

now i finally ave a use for the directions from google maps to get to japan.

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