Jun 16 2008Graffitified AT-AT Up On The Auction Block


Remember that awesomely awesome decrepit looking AT-AT that won some model contest? Yeah, that thing was awesome. And you might think this one is too depending on how you feel about an AT-AT that's had the hell tagged out of it.


Graff-At, 2002

Customized Hasbro Star Wars vehicle customized by professional Graffiti artists EASE and JK5 under the direction of SUCKADELIC. All tags are written in the Aurebesh language, a fictional letter system created for the in-world use for the 6 Star Wars films. The largest tag on the side of the vehicle spells the word REBEL. 16x18in.

The auction is expected to fetch between $1,500 and $2,000 but I have no idea what the bidding starts at. But if I had to guess I'd say right around Hoth. Get it? Because that's where the big AT-AT fight scene is in The Empire Strikes Back. Now laugh or the tauntaun gets it.

Christie's Auction Page

Thanks Chatham, let's outbid whoever wants it really bad and then break it in front of them

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Reader Comments


Bantha slippers! Oh yea...

$1,500 and $2,000? You must be kidding. It's nothing special.

Looks like someone parked their AT-AT in a bad part of town.

Personally, I think it's awesome. I wouldn't pay anything for it, but I think it's pretty awesome nonetheless.

I'm guessing the Millenium Falcon or a Jawa Sandcrawler would be next on the list.

What about tauntaun slippers? Then you could pretend your foot was Luke or something.

Because tauntaun slippers aren't as cool as Bantha slippers, Joey. Although Jawa slippers would be cool because I like saying the word "Jawa". It's almost as fun to say as condiment. Oh, oh...and the Jawa slippers' eyes could light up or something in the dark.
Dammit, I wish I could sew. Ugh.

I think the noises Jawas make are funny. :)

Ewok g-string!...

Jawa language is indeed funny; I think it's French.


Dude you are a geek! You linked to Toys "r"Gus. Awesomeness.

Check out these AT-ATs......


Suckadelic (aka rapping Boba Fett) is awesome. Be sure to check out his myspace page.


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