Jun 17 2008Gag Pens Help Prevent Unwanted Theft


Tired of co-workers *ahem, Superficial Writer, Iwatchstuff Writer* borrowing your analog writing instruments, only to never see them again? Well the Borrow My Pen? set ($7) aims to alleviate the problem of pen theft. Each features a fictional place of business along with a catchy phrase designed to prevent people from wanting to keep them. Stuff like Van Nuys Center For Cosmetic Surgery, "Specializing in Difficult Gender Reassignments". Clever, but not clever enough. I've got the feeling I'd still get pens stolen with these. That's why I had Sharpie make a set with my own clever phrases. Stuff like: The Geekologie Writer, "If You Can Read This You've Stolen My Pen And I'm About To F***ing Stab You With It" and Center For Infectious Disease, "Free Pen For New STD's".

A Pen That Will Always Be Returned [ohgizmo]

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Reader Comments

Fake!!!! First!!!!

Lol, Scott. You silly bunny you.

Second! And I want this pen set; seriously.

@1, you're fake, friggen retard.

I must have multiple sets of these pens!

I want cigarette lighters with the same thing, you with me SmokingGirl?

I want a pen that on one end says "pen" and on the other "anal thermometer".

Pen Idea #452:

"Masturbate-aholics Anonymous"
"The first step is admitting you have a problem."

LOL! After seeing that pen, they may never ask to borrow ANYTHING from you again!!

Why would a proctologist pen say "turn your head and cough"? I thought proctology was the study of ass, and the turn your head and cough thing was testical related.

...If not my doctor might have raped me.

Finally! the Iwatchstuff writer is mentioned

@ 7:
Chris, I was thinking the same thing! We should start a support group because I might have been raped too!

@4, I'm so with you. I was with you even before you asked that's how with you I am.

I think I would just settle for a pen that said:
"I just licked this one." and "Yeah, I licked this one, too." and then spray them with diluted simple green.

Or bleach. Bleach works, too.

"Nosepicking Tool"
written in bold letters could be fine too!

Some of those are good, but I'm with the Geekology Writer (and by "with" him, I mean that we're gay lovers), I think the ones where you can make up your own phrases are better.

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