Jun 30 2008Awh, How Cute: Subatomic Particle Plushies


So how can we dispel the fear that the world is going to be sucked into a black hole by the CERN Large Hadron Collider and leave us all to eat in the dark? Ooh, I know -- subatomic particle plushies! That's right folks, the Particle Zoo is now selling all your favorite particles. They're $9 apiece and can be purchased separately or in sets (that's not even all of them in the picture there). Each is packed with a material appropriate for their mass (lighter ones filled with foam, heavier ones with gravel). Whee! I love soft things. But be warned: the last time I thought I was bringing a charm quark home she turned out to be strange. I did get to see her photons though.

Hit the jump for more pictures and a link to the store.





The Particle Zoo

Thanks Russ, I want them all too.

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Reader Comments


That's quite nerdy...

Sweet, I want them all!!


I want strange quark, gluon, and top quark. Sweeeeet...

Do want!

Wow! They are all so accurately depicted too.....

Quarks? Wasn't that a bar on DeepSpace9 (Star Trek).

And sub-atomic particles are boring, I want theoretical particle plushies, how awesome would a Higgs boson particle plushie be?

@ 8, they have tehoretical particles, including higgs boson:


Somehow I don't see these becomming the next Beenie Babies. Cute idea, though.

I want all of them so bad!

i don't think i have laughed so hard in my life! it just goes to show you can make anything!! I guarantee my kids getting a couple!

I wonder if they have a set of these for extreme religious fundamentalist,, but instead of these lot, you just get earth, fire, air and water.

And @9
The Higgs boson proved to be a lot less awesome than I hoped :(
And seeing as the neutrinos have bandit masks because they are so elusive, shouldn't the Higgs boson be dressed like a Ninja or something?

Hey Frank!? Instead of the kids throwing all the scraps away I've got an idea. Those idiots in America will buy anything! LOL!

If you order both the photon and the anti-photon do they just send you an empty box?

I thought they hadn't proven the boson existed yet. They're starting up that experiment in Europe soon though (the one crazy radicals think will end the world by creating a black hole... I think that starts in August).

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