May 27 2008Touchscreen Turntables Require No Records


Let's face it: records are round and made of vinyl. The ATTIGO: TT is the brainchild of Dundee University student Scott Hobbs and is basically two digital turntables (with waveforms displayed) that allows DJ's to "loop, sample and scratch wave forms just as you would a record." Scott is currently looking for manufacturers interested in producing the ATTIGO, and I'm currently looking for a new girlfriend interested in producing beautiful music. But just with me -- not my roommate and the Fed-Ex guy while I'm busy mowing the yard. I HATE YOU JANET! YOU'RE LOOSE AND NOW EVERYONE ON GEEKOLOGIE KNOWS IT.


UPDATE: Okay, we're back together. But I'm leaving this up because I know she's gonna end up banging the dude that works the aquarium section at the local pet store. I've seen the way they flirt around the cichlids.

UPDATE: Wow, the reptile guy too. Didn't see that coming. Nice touch you skank.

A worthwhile VIDEO of the unit in action after the jump.

ATTIGO TT: The Touch Screen Turntable [psfk]

Thanks Shawn and Chris, let's get the band back together

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Reader Comments

deinterlace that damn video.

concept is cool, but the demonstration was lackluster.


Cool idea the problem is my retarded cousin could make better music than that and that's saying a lot since I don't even have a retarded cousin.

Real DJs spin VINYL

that's really all that has to be said.


This is even lamer than real djing. But at least it saves innocent vinyl from pointless destruction.

you're low man, I read the same story on digg yesterday !

That DJ sucks hard balls... Any retard can match beats, it takes a decent DJ to make it actually sounds good.

The commenters are complete idiots. Who said he was any good? He's just demonstrating how the product works and looks in motion.

And real DJ's spin vinyl because they had vinyl before anything else. If this were made before records and this post was about some new DJ set with "records that spin" everyone would say real DJ's touch screens.

#9: well said

Also, hasn't anyone heard of the laser-vinyl players instead of a needle? Yeah, they've been out for a while, and they don't actually scratch the vinyl, but sound wicked cool.

Can a girl who whores around with the Petco reptile manager be considered a skink instead of a skank? HAHA lizard jokes!

that looks like a wreck waiting to happen in the middle of a live set!!

the top dj's of the world spin on everything... cause the top dj's of the world make the records they spin. this guy is showing his product not his skills.paul van dyk uses ableton to mix along with cd's and every so often you will here about a vinal set. tiesto as well.

i want a set to try them out i'm sure they can do more when you put your brain to the technology. hiy me up if you wanna sell a pair


yeah another way dj's can be dj's without learning how to use vinyl "yeah"

yo good job on the invention and all you haten ass bitches that got somethen to say about a demenstration. dume ass.need to stop front yall madd cuz u didnt think of it ferst plus dud how much if u can get about as flat as a snow bord and make the switch bord tuch screen too. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

That's a pretty great invention you have there! I know it was a demonstration but I didn't see any kind of PITCH ADJUST. Also, I agree with that one guy who said it's a wreck waiting to happen, you should implement a feature that locks out the touch screen... Such as after you do all sorts of mixing mischievery and have two tracks bangin together for 2-3 mins, just give me a button to press that will DISABLE the touch screen till I hit that button again. Because dj's are real people, we get drunk in the middle of sets and I don't want to accidently trainwreck cause I barely tapped my turntable. Besides that, I think this is the shit, work out the kinks and you have genius on your hands!

I think this is WICKED!! Of course there is nothing like the sweet sweet sound of vinyl, but you can't help the fact that everything in this world is going digital, cd tables, scratch live, ect. ect.. A dj's skill is based on how well he can use EVERYTHING to his advantage to pound out a dope set. This invention I think could be an easier way of learning the basics, and even might blow up to some extraordinary new skills yet to be unleashed.

Right on and Big up.

Also the dj in this vid is obviously trying to juggle beats.. not really even mixing tracks. And I bet its way harder then it looks. Practice makes Perfect.

I want a pair of these :)

L A M E !
A friend of mine has been mixing using VDJ on a HP touchscreen monitor/PC for the past 2 years. At first he was all like "wow nik check it out (on cam) its unreal look at me mixing on touchscreen this is the future man".....2 years later guess what, he got totally bored of it and has gone back to his 'old fashioned' turntables !!!
Mixing by looking at waveforms and matching the peaks is lame cheating, real DJ's use their ears !
Listen to some real DJ's using vinyl and hear how much better it is @

I have to agree the demo was garbage. I notice the even with the touch screen it had mega latency when scratching.... They almost had me sold until I saw that juggling was made 100% harder then the traditional turntable setup. What a waste of time.



if you need someone to teach you im there

yoh i want how much...and where!
sorry dude... dont like your spinning, but does that take mp3's?;environmentalists rule, save the earth, convert to mp3.
I started spinning with virtual DJ and have started recording 10-20min.mix's. With that hands on equipment, I could spin some pretty amazing shit, and post ^.^ msg back.

this is really badass, but i feel like if someone was savvy enough they could prgram a LEMUR to do this?

also "real dj's spin vinyl" is a joke.

unless daft punk, sasha, tiesto, and glitch mob, arent real dj's,

and lorin ashton (bassnectar) is the most talented dj i have ever seen, he uses tables, but the majority of his mixing is done in ableton... like everyone elses.

It seems pretty interesting. did u get the idea from daft punk? i dont really enjoy all the new ways noobs can call themselves djs just because they played a game on the xbox or work with fruityloops on the computer but i like your idea.

This is a good idea, although I do agree with all the post here regarding vinyl and digital djing. It does make it easier for the person who has know idea how to really mix if they never touch vinyl. I also agree with making a lockout function and far as your mixer I would recommend you have at least 4 inputs so djs can hook in sp404, keyboards, etc. to come out the main output. Also I would recommend you let a real dj test it because a real dj is going to use alot of functions all at once then you will know if your program can handle all the action and won't freeze up. Then once it catches on dj's are going to start asking for installed sound effects. So its a great idea just make sure it has 4 inputs, 2 mic outputs, record, booth and tape outputs. Actually take a look at the Beringer DM it midi and has all of the above. Just put a innovader crossover in it.

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