May 28 2008Space Station's $19 Million Toilet Is Broken


Well folks, the 7-year old, $19 million shitter aboard the International Space Station is acting up. Although truthfully they've only had problems with the urine collection system. The solid waste part is still holding it down (thankfully), but there's no telling for how long. And I thought the plumber that charged me $60 an hour to fish out a couple G.I. Joe figures my son flushed down the john was highway robbery. This thing probably requires a $1 million/hour plumber. NASA is currently considering the best course of action, and the astronauts are currently considering getting the f*** back to earth.

Space station's toilet begins to fail, panic sinking in [engadget]

Thanks to Shawn, who uses a Gatorade bottle like a real man

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Reader Comments

Cant they just piss into aquafina bottles? Thats what I do when I go on long road trips.

geek-writer has a kid! isn't that a sign of the apocalypse?

Thats what the Russians would do, Americans need to make it complicated.

Fine. I saw the link to "Geekologie writer" on the superficial and thought the masked man might finally be revealed.

um when did you guys start annoyingly adding your own comments to the pictures like perez hilton

do they sick that tube up your ass and suck the crap out?

This post just made me fall about laughing.

Say, random thought, anyone ever made any space porn?

potential for a 2girls1cup up in tharr.

#1: unless there's been a huge change in the way things run, last I understood, Aquafina bottles don't come with vacuums. Yeah you can pee into the bottle, but there's nothing from making it stay down or even stay in the bottle. Having said that, my member wouldn't even begin to fit in the tiny opening they make for those things. Even the Gatorade ones area tight fit, so no soap there either.

Man, that's a lot of money for a toilet. Why not just a super advanced shopvac? One that won't suck your brain out of your anus? Stupid NASA people...

Space station's getting "old" now, god knows tech isnt made ot last anymore. I bet we'll see all sorts of stories of it breaking down.

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I've seen some disturbing porn of people eating shit and drinking piss, if it wont kill you, then why don't the people who go into space just do the same thing ????

Or you could hire a shit eating porn star to go into space and just sit in a room underneath a toilet and, well you know the rest...

welcome you to choose

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