May 19 2008Russian Mario Kart Looks Pretty Good


This is a custom painted Lada Zhiguli Mario Kart from Russia. As you can see, it's got a Super Mario Bros. theme. "The mural contains Goombas, pipes, coins, blocks, red-shelled Koopas and of course, Mario-himself." Not much else to say, except that I drank with a Russian guy once. It all started when I bought a car on eBay. A drive up to Philadelphia later, I met with the car's seller (who, from the looks of things, was clearly involved in an organized crime syndicate). He broke the top off a vodka bottle and said I couldn't leave until we finished the whole thing. Obviously we did, but I had to sleep in the car that night. The next morning he took me to a title place that only did business in Russian. I was still drunk and had no idea what the hell was going on or being said. Long story short: there was a body in the trunk. I Febreezed the shit out of it, but you can still catch a wiff in the summer when it gets hot.

Close-up shots after the jump.





Super Mario Bros. Car [techeblog]

Thanks Zachary, I'll meet you online later so you can kick my ass at Mario Kart Wii

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haha that's awesome

Thats pretty nice. Amazing at what people spend their money on.

Did anyone else notice that there are TWO marios? one on the far right, near the bumper and one on the left side of the "mural" by the back tire.

Well poke out a shark's eyes for safety! If that car isn't the succotash! Give it all up and get busy on some work, young sprylock.

That is by far the coolest car EVER, speaking of Russian, what do y'all think of this hot Russian news chick:

Ok, this guy wins IRL.

And... is there no way to track people that post First!! and like send a seek-and-destroy T2000 unit after them in the past.

I'd hit it.

It was a very nice idea! Just wanna say thank you for the information you have shared. Just continue writing this kind of post. I will be your loyal reader. Thanks again.

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