May 22 2008Readers: I Have A Birthday Coming Up And There's A Jet Bike For Sale On eBay (Hint)


I've been emailing my Congressman forever requesting he make jet engines required safety equipment on all vehicles, but does he listen to the pleas of common citizens? Noooo. So now I have to buy a blackmarket rocket bike from a potential scam artist on eBay in order to procure a safe damn bike. And here it is. Built by "the world's top pulsejet engine designer and builder" Robert Maddox, the engine puts out 50-60 pounds of thrust and is capable of speeding the bike up to approximately 75 MPH. Sounds good right? Well it's not bad, but even such a paltry engines come with warnings.


Glows red-cool. I like that, I'm gonna start using it. Anyway, you readers get together and buy this for me for my birthday. Because if you don't, well, it'll be the third year in a row I didn't get anything. Well, that's not entirely true -- last year the dog left me a little present on the bed. Whee, shit on the bed, happy birthday to me! The sad part is that I actually appreciated the gesture.

A couple more pictures (including a pretty sweet looking jet-kart) and a video of the bike in action, after the jump. And, just for the hell of it, I added a funny video of a kid on a firework powered skateboard (watch the whole video).



eBay Auction
Jet-powered bike is not safe [dvice]

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Reader Comments

That kid's parents are awesome.

Agreed @1, I wish my parent's let me attach rockets to random shit! :O

... I was at least expecting the kids parents to have a fire extinguisher on standby...

75mph? Eh, world record is 86mph on a straightaway, and 135mph downhill...using no rockets at all. I can only imagine people will barbecue their legs with this thing when it glows "red-cool"

The kid? Well I was almost expecting him to flip over...but the board launching and attacking a dog is pretty cool.

If that guy had the balls, he'd slap a jet engine that burned "blue-cool" and got up to 200 mph. Then slap a coaster brake on there and take it to Snake River Canyon. That's how I want to die.

Finally something that might work for the Coyote to catch the road runner!

Re-purposed V-1 engine. For extra fun, ride it through London, especially parts where blitz survivors live.

The rocket engine on the side? Wouldn't that makes it really unstable at high speed?

Looks fun actually, I'm sure I would have tried that though... check out a buddy's web site for more jet-like toys, under 'experimental projects' @ RCDON.COM

great site by the way...

wow too fast, how do you made it? what material u use?

Its only funny if things get out of control.....had it been a sucessful skateboard ride, it would be that great.

I was hoping that the skateboard might also light the neighbor's house on fire. That would've been gold!


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