May 9 2008Emergency Party Button May Create An Impromptu Sausage Fest, But Hopefully Not, Unless That's What You Were Hoping For


You come home from a long day at the office and it's time to get your swerve on. What do you do? Push the Emergency Party Button of course!

Basically, it is exactly what it sounds like; a button that instantly launches a party. When pressed, the blinds to my apartment close, the kitchen, hallway, dining room, and living room lights dim, the stereo starts blasting Haddaway - What Is Love, black lights turn on, laser lights start moving to the music, a strobe light goes on, and the fog machine starts up. With another press of the button, the party is gone as easily as it started. It may not be the most hi-tech thing in the world, but people sure as hell love it when they come over.

There's a build page here if you're interested in making one yourself. I'm definitely going to, but with a twist. Instead of being an emergency "party" button, it's going to be an emergency "uh-oh, I think that's my girlfriend at the door" button. It won't play music or dim any lights, but it will start the ignition on my jetpack.

A worthwhile video of the system in action after the jump. Oh, and another highly questionable one of some MIT kids that made something similar in their dormroom.

Emergency party button! [make]

Thanks to Karina, who is actually a party that was born in human form

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Reader Comments

HA...i like.

Wow, i really need one of these. I can just imagine myself with a few mates over my house with nothing to do, and then pressing the button and turning my house into a block party base. So where the hell do you get one of these?

what a cliche. although, glenn quagmire would be proud.

Giggity, giggity.

I prefer dinner parties myself...toast point anyone?

Thats pretty friggen awesome.

What party? Blacklights, strobes and a few cheap lasers? The only exciting thing was the blinds closing. Get some decent music and lights if you are going to invest time and effort into something like this, please? All you probably did was scare the shit out of the neighbor's cat.

I need a big button like that to wipe my hard drive and destroy all my DVDs when the Feds show up to my door.

When my emergency party button is pressed, midgets in wizard costumes begin to tickle my man-sack.

nice, but its definitely lacking 10 drunk hookers appearing at the push of the button

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