May 30 2008UPDATE: Alien Video To Be Shown To Media Today, Now With Frame Grab From Video


You may have heard of Jeff Peckman, he's that lunatic in the picture (looking even spacier than the father of LSD) that's trying to get Denver to put together an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission to deal with alien encounters and the subsequent probings. Well now he's convinced he has video footage of a real-life alien that proves their existence. The video will be shown to the media today, but is not allowed to be filmed, as it's part of a documentary set for public release next month.

An instructor at the Colorado Film School in Denver scrutinized the video "very carefully" and determined it was authentic, Peckman said.

Peckman, 54, said the video was among the reasons he was "compelled" to launch the proposed ballot initiative, which has generated news as far as South Africa.

"It shows an extraterrestrial's head popping up outside of a window at night, looking in the window, that's visible through an infrared camera," he said. The alien is about 4 feet tall and can be seen blinking, Peckman said earlier this month.

Way to try to sell some shitty alien documentary guys, but I'm not falling for it. Listen -- I know the easy thing to do when you wake up in the morning with a tender ass is to blame aliens, but sometimes you need to man up and admit there IS a possibility that you got too drunk and told your girlfriend to stick something up there. I'm just saying, it happens.

: Frame grab picture that was handed out to the media added after the jump.


Purported UFO video to be shown Friday [rockymountainoystersnews]
News Report about the video available here (warning, its the Sun)

Thanks Alex and Justin, get some lasers and we'll go on an alien hunt

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Reader Comments

where are we going to be able to see this video?

In the picture! It's-It's- FREAKY

It's so smart of the aliens to only show themselves to utter crackpots and whackjobs, forcing normal people like us to not believe in them. Genius.

#3 - Well, they would be vastly intelligent, wouldn't they? I also expect that an intelligence with the technology to traverse interstellar space would have better means of getting a look inside your bedroom than just peering over the sill like f***ing Dennis the Menace.

Having said that, though, if you (anybody - not you specifically, #3) believe that humanity is the only sentient intelligence in the universe, or even our galaxy, you are stupid, ignorant, or both.
A friend of mine (whom I can usually hardly stand) is like this. He simply cannot begin to grasp the scope of space. I show him Hubble deep field images and no matter how hard I try to explain it to him, he cannot understand that he's looking at a picture of hundreds of *galaxies,* not stars. I suspect that in his mind the sun orbits the Earth.

#4+5: I totally agree. Someone once said something along the lines of, "either there are aliens out there or we are the only sentient beings in existence. Either option is utterly mind-bending."

I am routinely amused by the arrogance inherent to either of the extreme positions. The one guy thinks he is so special that he is the only intelligent life in existence, and the other thinks he is so special that all the aliens that can want to come here to peer into his bedroom and probe his asshole.

What a ridiculous image that conjures up,

"It shows an extraterrestrial's head popping up outside of a window at night, looking in the window, that's visible through an infrared camera," he said. The alien is about 4 feet tall and can be seen blinking..."

Someone found a cool muppet at a yardsale, put some HotShots hand warmers in there and bingo... Alien encounter.

By the by... I think you mean the video will be shown... not showed to the media, unless you're direct quoting them and then they made the error.

There's no doubt in my mind that there are extraterrestrials somewhere, what with the number of stars and planets, its impossible that there aren't. Having said that, I'm not 100% sure that they would travel from wherever they came to watch this guy f*** his pillow at night. I just find it really odd that he would get an alien looking at him through a window. does have an infrared camera filming his window every night? Come to think of it, If an alien ever stuck anything up my ass I would probably put up cameras and trip-wire explosives all around my house from then on. Damn Grays won't get me again!!

This guy is a certified nutjob shyster! He has a background of special effects among other things that would be used to perpetrate a hoax of this nature. He's always working some angle to get the city, state or federal gov to invest in some wacky deal.

There is a thread raging on this guy over at

I have no doubt that we are not alone in the universe but I don't think this guy is going to be the one breaking the story. Unfortunately it's just these types that keep people laughing at the prospect.

hmmm, this smacks of publicity stunt... remember how everyone said the alien autopsy was real, but it didnt matter cause that thing made its money way before anyone disproved it?? smells like the same thing...

Okay, have any one see this footage already? its on youtube or something already?

If you go to this website you can see a still from the video that shows the "alien"

This guys a nut job...

#9- Julian

You should grab a dictionary and look up 'impossible', because you're not using it right.

It's here:

With all these video's 'proving' ET's exist, i always see the same trend. they always just happen to be videotaping something uninteresting with crappy quality when an alien happens to show up. just like the video posted by #15

@ 16 maybe everyoen in the world should start taping there windows and stairs and random object with crappy video cameras so we can catch more ghosts and aliens now wouldnt that be fun! in fact im going to start taping my window now i have a hunch those deer that keep coming into my yard are from another planet!


There's supposes to be an alien here? no offense to the loon---I mean the video owner, but I don't see shit.

and I checked the vid on the link you posted, #13.

I think its fake.

With a world of digital video equipment and editing stuff like that, the video couldn't look less grainy if he tried.

as for the alien, nah. strange how when the alien left the head moved in such a way that never bobbed up or down, which tends to happen with each consecutive footstep.

also, if aliens wanted to make contact, why visit a nobody living in the stix? visist a president or a senator, not some conspiracy crackpot.

oh.. the video from #15 seems fake in so many levels.... :(

I do wish people would stop talking about "proving aliens exist", and asking "do you believe in aliens?" as a tie-in to believing that they're running around Earth getting gay with probes. I don't think anyone with half a brain doubts they EXIST. Abducting the dredges of society so they can diddle them up in their spaceship? Not so much.

What the hell is an anal probe meant to tell you about a species anyway? Exactly what information does it put on the table that wasn't there before? I'd add to what Uncle Eccoli rightly (and hilariously) said: The idea that some people on this planet think aliens would develop all this juicy technology, get all the way over here just to play peekaboo or use it to give rednecks and loonies confusing sexual feelings, presumably under the guise of "scientific research" on their part - is an excellent reason to avoid Earth in the first place. This is one of those days I'm embarrassed of my species.

um... how many people have stationary camera aimed at the window ....... i know i do, just in case!!!

here's to hoping aliens 'splode the earth. cheers!

what i always think about when i see ALL these alien images... no matter...if claimed to be real or sci-fi HOW THE F*** would these little suckers build a spaceship? they are so f***in tiny and their hands look like sticks. they couldnt assemble ANYTHING like a spacecraft IF even a house lol. surely if they are so advanced in technology they would all look like brickshit houses with muscles AND the brains.

its ridiculous....

I've seen this video before! Some drunk old people are sitting around talking while something is looking through the window. I personally think it's a large cat. But who knows? I've been wrong before. Like that one time I thought my girlfriend was pregnant. Turns out she's just fat.

@#20: There's an amusing Kids in the Hall skit in which two aliens are doing their anal probing business and one starts angsting to the other about why they're stuck with such a shitty job. They've been probing human anuses for 40 years and all they've found out is that 1 in 10 of them like it.

RE: extraterrestrial life... I take the befuddlement over us being here at all, let alone anybody else. Assumptions made by the Drake Equation and the unfashionability of anthropocentrism (or terracentrism) aside, this is still the only place we actually know of that has life. Considering the remarkable development of life here, I'd have to actually see the evidence of life elsewhere before I'd want to speculate on odds.

Larry King had a fit over this yesterday (for almost half an hour...I was waiting for Anderson Cooper to knock him out....) they had an extremely amusing 'reenactment' though also with a blinking rubbery puppet (though they only labeled it reenactment after they'd shown it a few times...) apparently the thing was their for like two hours and came in their house at some point....(that's what they were making the puppet do...the experts,skeptics, and guy where all fairly unintelligible..)

Other beings exist, most assuredly. But are they going to come here? No. It is ignorance and arrogance on both sides of the extreme to either declare that we are alone, or that we're so important beings would go out of their way to come here.

So, meh, whatever. Wishful thinking on both ends.

The Universe is so huge that it's sure as hell that other intelligent life exists. (250k Galaxies on the map so far)

imo it would be sad if there wasn't anyone else but us. Nobody to learn from. We would be kind of stuck with our perspective of the universe.

he probably has a point in there somewhere. long as he keeps growing hair on it, maybe nobody will notice. ha!

We're busy fighting each other, so no aliens would have reason to visit.

HEY that little guy in the window looks like that one Tim Burton character... whats his name?.... Stain Boy! awsome-ness....

He has a machine that measures if there's been any tampering?! I've been a visual effects producer for eight years. I know no such thing. It's called your eyes.

@ 32
you're right. He must have borrowed that tamper-measuring machine from the alien...

it looks like the alien is wearin a punisher shirt

Isn't that Stewie from Family Guy?

The vid's fake, guys. They even say that. As for this "nutjob", I think the fox news host is weirder than him. He seems pretty normal in this interview. Why does fox always put far out stories on their station to make themselves look better? It's like making fun of a retarded kid on a playground to look cooler...

wtf an alien looking through a window... us humans can barely go to the moon, but we already have ninjas who can sneak while remaining unnoticed. Yea, im an alien, i dont know if these creatures are nice or violent, and im gonna go have a walk in town, then climb into someone's garden and look through the window, not fearint that these creatures could catch me and put measuring instruments deep inside me.

If that IS a proof, then ill record my window with my 0.1 Mpx webcam on october 31st, so i can prove that witches and gnomes are real.

Yeah, the video hasn't been tampered with, its a REAL recording of a puppet being lifted up to the window. AWESOME. I have no doubt theres aliens out there and hey, even if you excused the whole "camera just happened to be pointed at the window with the right settings on" thing, odds are they wouldn't come to this crappy planet. Why, would they take all the years and expense of coming here, especcially just to look through some f***ers window.

Here is a new video:

Looks much more like the photo released earlier...

#39 : this vids sux much more than #15.
Since when the room's light doesnt cast hard shadows upon someone who's outside while its casting on the lamp on the wall?

Actually, i hope these aliens peeping through the window are real.
1 - they have technology, whch is good for evolution
2 - they like to watch humans having sex
3 - they are stupid, and obviously weak
=> if they exist, so we can enslave them coz they are damn stoopid

@#28: We haven't even learned everything there is to learn from this planet yet, let alone any others! I don't mean to learn OF, though we haven't even come close yet, but to learn FROM. Most of us haven't even bothered to learn from the history, education and worldview of our next door neighbours, let alone cultures on the other side of the world (not to mention non-human animals). When we refuse to learn from each other, what good are aliens to us?

is it me, or does he look like a really old cillian murphy? you know, the guy in 28 days later and batman begins

VERY reminicent of the John Carpenter "face in the window" tape that did the rounds in the 90's.

##### 39

that video is even worse!! whad a cheap fake. they 'shopped out the alien in the original frame and animated it with After Effects or something along those lines.

DIDNT EVEN SMOOTH the keyframes out. amateurs.

Well now, that's just dumb.

No wonder they're going to blow us all to hell. I've seen Roswell.

Anyone else see a faint reflection of a blow-up doll in the reflection?

Hmm... maybe it's just me.

holy shit. it's a ghost alien! f***, run!!

How come, with the proliferation of cheap digital cameras, all the alien pictures still look like crap? You'd think that will all those cameras out there, at least one person could take a decent picture. Answer: People who see aliens are wack-jobs who need to take their medication... or stop taking their medication, whichever makes them not see things.

#6, The Imaginary Reviewer,

You might be referring to this quote by Arthur C. Clarke:

"Sometimes I think we're alone in the universe, and sometimes I think we're not. In either case the idea is quite staggering."


best quality still makes me lol

#4+5+7: I agree.

#8: I must say that I do agree, and do prefer "shown." But BOTH are correct in the dictionary (Showed & Shown)...Then again, remember, these are the people that just added "ain't" into the dictionary and "D'oh" as the FDA, I've lost my faith in those whackjobs (read: alleged wordsmiths").

#15: hahaha, that video was great...I had my speakers all the way up and almost shat myself :p

(yes people, the video #15 posted is fake, of's a "joke" or a "jab" at the loon claiming to have alien footage...the video itself IS the punchline)

#28: cool site

#32: I agree. And the "testimonies" are probably from his friends, all who live in the same vicinity in Colorado. It's funny to watch though because he goes into describing how "sweet and young" the alien looked, clearly a sign that they don't want to hurt anyone.

#50: I love this.

#51: same video as #15

Ok, so that's enough of that for the evening, most have already said things that I myself would have said, so I won't be redundant

PS. this video below can mean a variety of things, including: There has been contact, Aretha Franklin IS an alien, she got her inspiration from an alien, absolutely nothing.

@5 Life as we know it does not exist on other planets. The concept of other living beings is way being our comprehension. On that note, any living species as intelligent or more intelligent than us who would have the resources to build and create machines that would travel through space at the speed of light would most likely destroy themselves. That is if we were to base our concept of living organisms on our concepts. Any intelligent being, IMHO, would appreciate what they have in front of them rather than having the curiosity to pursue what other beings do in their own bedrooms.

53 -- You're aware that that isn't an Aretha Franklin song...right?

I used to think Aretha Franklin was spelled Eurithra...

Lawlz, thats definantly fake.

IT IS FAKE!! They even said the video's only made as a representation of what it would look like. : P

I saw a UFO over vancouver once. it was tripped out shit. I spilled my vodka when I pointed and yelled.

I heard he likes mudkips

Being realistic however.

1. It's fake because if aliens did exist they would not look like the aliens Hollywood has used IN EVERY FREAKING MOVIE SINCE 1970.

2. What the heck was it doing with its head? Cracking its neck? That's just plain stupid. Also the way it retreated backwards sucked.

i hate you forever for making me follow that link

sigh*, @ 15, theres a update on gizmodo, it's fake, this is confirmed. @ 39 , that one is clearly more fake, i could have done that in MicroSoft Paint. why people feel the need to make up this stuff i'll never know. they must have boring lives.

This is why when the sun goes down my blinds go down. I don't care if it's fake...if I looked out and saw that motherf***er looking in, fake or real, I'd shit myself and then have a coronary...
Why did I look twice at it?

Anyone else have an urge to make a crappy alien doll and have some bedroom window-y fun in a suburb near you?

Ah to be considered a juvenile by the legal system again....

So it's fake. Of course. Why can't the nutjobs hire Spielberg and get a really good alien video going? I mean, shit, the news footage in "Signs" was better than this garbage. If you're going to try to convince me of your wacko theories, at least humor my intelligence and give me something convincing to look for flaws in.

OMG keep your blinds closed!

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