May 27 2008A Shocking Jacket For Personal Protection


Forget tasers ladies, the No-Contact Jacket is where it's at.

The No-Contact Jacket is a wearable defensive jacket created to aid women in their struggle for protection from violence. When activated by the wearer, 80,000 volts of low amperage electric current pulses just below the surface shell of the entire jacket. This exo-electric armor prevents any person from unauthorized contact with the wearer's body.

Pretty freaking sweet. The little blue things you see in the picture up near the lady's neck is actually arcing current. Man that's awesome. I'm getting one for my girlfriend, I'll let you know how she likes it.

UPDATE: She liked it a lot until she wiped her nose on the sleeve. Now she's on the kitchen floor with smoke coming out of her eyes.

Several more pictures, including a close-up of the arcing accent, and a link to two videos, after the jump.




Official Site
Video of the arcing
Video of actual demonstration

Thanks Liam, lets take turns kicking each other in the nuts

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Reader Comments

my lady cant wait to wear this on the crowded subway in rush hour

Thats a pretty hardcore modern chastity belt

a key, are you kidding? "hey watch out our my jacket will shock the shit out of you.. after i pull this key out of my pocket and activate it."

Sweet... What if it rains though?

Guess I'll just have to punch her in the face.

Oh and GW, I think the arcing video link is wrong.

#3. I agree completely.

Heres the arking video

Looks like a jacket worn by the police in some dystopic future. And it electrocutes people.

the scenario; you're a police officer/woman/whomever wearing this thing and you engage its defense system thinking to yourself "Hurray! Come get some would-be attacker!" Next thing you know you're stabbed and putting yourself into ventricular fibrillation due to microshock. Not a well thought out idea... Getting shot and bleeding over the jacket would have the same effect.

Wanna play tough huh ladies? I like a challenge giggity giggity giaahhhhh! Make it stop! Make it stop!

#9: 80,000 volts you call "microshock" ? Honestly, it does depend on the amp rating of the suit. Anything over 500mA is lethal, and then any sort of fibrilation, ventricular or otherwise, would be irrelevant.

Chris Rock: "I like guns, if you have a gun, you don't have to work out. You have pec's, I have tec's!"


Microshock is the medical term used for electrical shock to myocardial tissue while macroshock is electrical shock over the body's skin tissue. This suit operates on the concept of macroshock regardless of it's volt/amp rating. Yes, macroshock of 500mA and up can be lethal based on age, sex, weight, and a few other factors. While, as little as 10uA to 80uA depending on the electrical path through your myocardial tissue can cause vfib.

LAME...its like the trick gum pretty sure the creeper will still get her on the ground...EASY!

so you just punch her in the jaw first so she stops pushing the damn taze button then do what you want. And what's with the lame ass name "No-contact" jacket, should be the "please TAZE me bro" jacket

I think that this jacket would be a lot of fun like say on a crowded train in Tokyo or at a Metallica concert or at Grandma's house.

I need one of these. I use the London Underground every day. It'll cost me to charge it up, but it will be worth it.

geez, these were in the time magazine cool inventions thing in like... 2004.

what happens if they taze you?

I have one question: how much it costs?Where I can buy it?can anybody answer me?

So.....the majority of the violent crime in the world, the US, and in every country individually is against men. The misandric bigots always seem to have their way, though.....

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The stun jacket is of no use unless people can buy it. I have been trying to buy this jacket for about 2 years now and it is unavailable!
Why make such a great item that is not of any use because no one can get their hands on it? (Pun partially intended)

Can you please send information on how to buy this jacket.
I am quite serious!
I travel alone and have already had a couple of episodes that
this would have saved me from.

I want this. Why? So I can turn it on and leave it on in crowded bars. That way, not only will I be able to ward off drunken hipsters' sad-yet-aggressive advances, I'll also be able to plow my way through the crowds to get to the booze-dispensary. Once thoroughly sauced, using my newfound electro-shock powers will be even more fun.


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I been promoting self-defense clothing steady for 4yrs now. The "NNS" Shoe , The No No Shocker Shoe my invention. Since were both in the same field, Trying to make the world a little safer for women and people. I have some tough questions for you. What happens if someone throws water or god forbid flammable liquid on you? Wouldn't it short out or set on firer? What if friend goes to hug ya and it's armed and you forget? what if the criminal is wearing rubber glove's? how do u wash it? wouldn't the wires in the jacket break from the use of the jacket itself? how fast can you arm it. what if they throw a conductive martial on ya to short it out. How would you get people to wear jackets in the summer time? I didn't ask you those questions to spread doubt on ya product. I ask the questions you could improve the product. Even tho I started the Self-defense Clothing concept.

ha ha very funy part , She liked it a lot until she wiped her nose on the sleeve. Now she's on the kitchen floor with smoke coming out of her eyes.

quite intersting though : )

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