Apr 7 2008UFOCap Keeps You Dry, Abstinent


The UFOCap is a hands-free umbrella that makes you look like a giant condom. The thing looks so ridiculous that the majority of people in the advertisement refused to wear them. Currently only available in Korea, they probably won't make it much further. I still want one though. No, I take that back, I'm saving myself for a Nubrella. And for marriage. Otherwise Santa might fill my stocking with reindeer shit and I'll be forced to kidnap the fat bastard.

UFO Cap Makes You Look Like Spin Top, Repels Rain and Women [gizmodo]

Thanks to Andrew, who attracts women like it's his job (which it may be, I think he's a gigolo), for the tip

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Reader Comments

I've always wanted to both look like a moron, and stay dry! Thanks UFOCap!

the mexicans invented this first, it's called a poncho. it just doesn't have the loop to keep it up and make you look like a wide ass moron..

I can't believe it! Someone actually made a body condom and is attempting to make it fashionable! LOL!!

Leave it to the Asian's to come up with such crazy shit.

On a rainy day, it will be the wings for your arms?


I see a sure-fire way to make sure kids get beat up on the playground.

I enjoy looking like an enormous douche. I'll take 17!

Finally! A condom that will actually fit my dick! Thank you UFO (read DONG) cap! <3

lol they have to be incest

This is the most retarded thing i've seen since Ben Stiller

How is it possible that kids can be this ugly.

am i the only one who noticed that none of the examples are WEARING one?

looks like a condom

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