Apr 21 2008Sweet: We Can Now Grow Plants In Moondust


I've been itching to live on the moon for as long as I can remember (~ last Wednesday). So boy was I excited when I learned that scientists have figured out how to grow plants in moondust. All it took was some special bacteria that helps transfer nutrients from the soil (if you can call it that) to the plants. As you can see from the picture, those flowers weeds are really thriving in the stuff. Well, except for pot 3, that one isn't doing so hot. Reminds me of the rose bush I planted for my wife in the cat's litterbox.

Scientists figure out how to grow plants in moondust [dvice]

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Reader Comments

Interesting, but until they start building the oxygenated domes, I'm not getting excited.

.... lol ?

What about the domes? Wait, why are we wasting money on the moon again?

...because this planet is going to explode or get hit by an asteroid someday and we have to have a "Plan B". It's just that Plan B involoves synthetic gravity, air, plants and food sources. Makes me wish we'd just stick to Plan A, which is putting money into the planet we are *currently on*.

TC- I was just hinting at the other multitude of things that need to be addressed before moon life is a reality (I feel strange even saying "moon life"), as mentioned by mildly concerned.

Did you ever look up at the moon and wonder if your lost parents were looking at it too?

You know, there are places within our oceans and even on land that have yet to be explored. So therefore, I have never understood this fascination with the Moon.
Although, to be honest, space and it's final frontier have never truly interested me.

I have wanted to go to the moon since I was little... but I know that as soon as that shuttle takes off, I will vomit and choke and die. Damn you motion sickness :(

look at pot 3, that damn plant isn't even in the dirt, its floating above it. floating moon plants?

"Quaaaaade. Start the re-ac-tor..."

Don't get on the ship!! It's a cook book!!!

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