Apr 4 2008Maze Lock Guarantees You'll Perish In A Fire


Is escaping your home in case of an emergency too easy? Need more of a challenge escaping during a fire? How about adding the Defendius Door Chain from Art Lebedev (maker of the Optimus Maximus). As you can see it's a maze. A maze of death. By fire. No word on price or if the damn thing is even real, but if you really want a challenge trying to get out of the house I'm your man. For $30 I'll stand in the doorway attacking you with a can of mace and taser while you try to get by. Slip me an extra fiver and I'll even bat you in the nuts a few times.

UPDATE: Turns out it was a hilarious April Fools joke! AHAHAHAHHA. So funny. *wipes tear* Thanks a lot Jack, you dick.

Defendius door chain [artlebedev]

Thanks to Jack (not the island guy), who can solve mazes and word searches in record time, for the tip

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I think this was an april fool's joke :)

it first popped up at april first anyway

Just looking at it you can see the correct way to work the maze lock. Now if you really want to add some fun, add some sort of curse to it that if you go the wrong way with the maze and hit a dead end, you awaken zombies. And not just regular zombies, but those uber fast and furious zombies. Or perhaps even invisible zombies.

*sigh* I'm having an off day today people. Forgive me.

It's a really freaking easy maze. If you can't open that in 30 seconds, maybe you should die in a fire >.>

pretty sure its april fools joke with this one too... i know thinkgeek had one :)


How quickly would that get old. All I can think about is waking up in the morning and having to solve that bitch.

do people still use these door chain vibes? I have one on my door and it's never used. maybe thats because after the steel security door, jail style burglar bars and electric fence, this little chain seems rather obsolete.

That's classic!!!!! That comes in second to my fav web April Fool's joke. This is really funny though, i ran across it last night: an auto enthusiast web-site posted an article on how Lamborghini now offers a program that let's it's buyers, for a nominal fee, hand-pick the cows used for the leather in their car seats. http://www.motivemag.com/pub/feature/culture/Motive_Spring_Feature_Hellbent_for_Leather_-_Deep_inside_Lamborghini_s_Ad_Personam_program.shtml

Fact? Fiction? April Fool's Cop-out to avoid lawsuits? You decide.

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Dude im totally going to put this on my bathroom door, lol, that would suck, but totally awesome trick to play on someone whose hammered/drunk

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