Mar 24 2008Robot Drummer Is Cute, Makes Me Emotional


Whenever I see a cute robot I always get a little emotional. Mostly because of that movie with the little robots in it where the one gets injured and dies. Or maybe it doesn't die, I can't remember. I just know I was sadder than hell. What was the name of that movie? Let me do some searching. BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED! *sniffle* Oh my God somebody give me a box of tissues.

Okay I'm holding it down. Meet Yellow Drum Machine. He's a little robot that cruises around the room running into things. When he hits something that seems like it might make a pretty noise he bangs on it a couple of times and takes audio samples. If he likes what he hears he busts out with a little beat using his metal tinker and another butt bopper. He was constructed by robot hacker fritsl out of a bunch of random parts, including, but not limited to: a PICAXE 28 microcontroller, a sound sampler, and a cheese crate. Damn is he cute or what? If I do ever have a child with my Roomba mistress, I can only hope he comes out looking half as handsome. And with treads. So I can ride on him like a tank. Tankboy, take me to the liquor store.

Two worthwhile videos after the jump, one of him playing a glass of fruit punch, and another of him playing the wall in somebody's bathroom.

robot drummer has plenty of rhythm [technabob]

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i'll take three.,...

That's the cutest little thing ever. I want a lot of those :)

I need one.

Now THAT's clever! I love how he seems to get bored of the same sound after a while & goes looking for something else! Cool how he plays different rhythms for different sounds too...

Seriously, the cutest robot ever. I want ten.


It looked like he was trying to hump that glass of punch...

#7 and that's what makes it so cute. Awwww. =)

john bonham, be damned! that's the best drum solo i ever hear! i be looking for drum player. best be the guy this.

He's a better drummer than Lars Ulrich, that's for sure...

Thank you all - Fun is that Lars Ulrich should be named, as he is from Denmark just as I am :D (I made the Yellow Drum Machine)

I would love to make a deal with a toy-or-whatever-company, so we could market this thing, and perhaps even give it a little extra etc. As an example I could easily make it tune into the radio inside it´s head, and play along to your household transistor etc etc.. But how on earth does one get in touch with the inner circle of these companies?

Where is the guy with the contract? Any help would be appreciated very much!

And thank you again for all the kind words, it is very inspiring :) Looking forward to the weekend, will build a new robot, hope to make another hit, but it may be hard.. :)


That creature is absolutely precious. And his performance was brilliant.

Is the movie you are thinking about of the Short Circuit series?

One of my favorite robots I've seen. Just spotted this cute little guy on eBay looking for a home.

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