Mar 25 2008Really Awesome Alphabet Pop-Up Book

ABC3D is a pop-up book featuring the alphabet. Each letter is displayed in a creative way. I watched the video two times. I really liked the music too. They're available for pre-order on Amazon for $20, which isn't too bad. Unfortunately you can't use it to teach your children the alphabet because then they'll never be able to recognize letters in 2D.

Popup by Marion Bataille [fubiz]

Thanks to Romain, who can spell anyone's ass off, for the tip

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Reader Comments

That's probably expensive

I just read the article... oops, it looks like it would be expensive

Perfect for the indy kid on everyones Christmas list...

looks totally Bauhaus

Frankly, I could go more for just the basic 3D black and white version. Nevertheless, very clever.

Coming from a graphic designer, that's bad ass!

Well I guess now I know 'O' and 'P' are the most boring letters of the alphabet and only make 'Q' and 'R' look good..

Awesome. My favorite letter was "U" and the music was great.

Using those skills to make an alphabet book is totally unimaginative. Pop up art would be better with objects, not the alphabet. Showing your kids how to make 3D alphabet letters with craft paper, scissors, glue and small pebbles - with them helping - is vastly better.

Tenth! Oh, I don't get a prize for being an assclown?

@9, I think the book is very imaginative.

Here's the kicker, showing the kids what they could possibly create prior to hauling out the paper and glue may just peak their interest. Having something to aspire to always helps.

that's neato, but if it was the chinese alphabet it would be way more impressive!

Excuse me but where in the heck is the Ñ !!!! Racism!

Awesome! FYI - That song's "Roll On, Mississippi, Roll On" by The Boswell Sisters

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