Mar 25 2008Mega Man 2 Scarf Sadly Doesn't Come With That Sultry Model Or The Awesome Hat


This is a Mega Man 2 themed scarf that has all the robot bosses on it. As you can see there's, um, Fan Man. And Frog Dude. Was that sacrilegious? Fine, Air Man and Bubble man. It's for sale if you want it, but it costs $150. It is, however, one of a kind. It is not, however, not bright yellow. Damn I'm in love with that girl in the picture. It's like she's looking into my soul and likes what she sees. Which is probably the potato salad and Fruit Rollup I had for breakfast.

One more of the detail after the jump.


Most Amazing Scarf Ever Made [thatgirlssite]

Thanks to Videogamegirl, who I'd like to trade my current girlfriend for, for the tip

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Reader Comments

yeah. i would love to get all "wood man" on her!


that's not megaman, that's X. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO SEES THIS??

Nope, RockH, you're not th only one.

This isn't a real Mega Man 2 scarf. With that said, I am no longer interested in this mash-up mess-up of epic fail.

umm, what is that on her shirt? the huminoid looking thing with red robes and white face and feet?

I'm down ^_^

@Rincewind: Troll much? Thar be Shy Guy!

Best Mega Man ever

oh bawls, i did realise taht afterwards, i should kill myself :-(

Unless the scarf plays the stage music from the first part of Dr. Wily's level, this is a useless scarf.

Yeah... As stated above I am pretty upset with them throwing in X instead of Megaman. Although I would still totally buy this just because I love the series so much.

Hah...I'm glad somebody else noticed that it was X on there too. I read this site all the time and never commented on anything until I saw that. Good catch guys.

I was really hoping to find more pictures of said sultry model. Who cares about the scarf compared to that?

Ya know, if that was a guy with that scarf on I'd automatically think "Virgin", her however, not so much.

DO WANT!"!!!!!!

Hey.. that's X..


All continuity errors aside it is still a great scarf. Oh and if it had their names embroidered under the sweet bosses(X too) I could see paying that much.

I do enjoy the lighter (fire?) man , and is the one in the top, right-hand corner a crazy, cannibal with a sharp circular saw on his head?

I love how she's also wearing a shy guy hoodie underneath

the ones pictured(lower left to lower right) left to is megaman(even if its x its still megaman), heatman, flashman, metalman, bubbleman, airman, and quickman, the scarf is missing 2 bosses crashman and woodman

çiçek siparişi yapmak istermisiniz ;P

çiçek siparişi

çiçek gönderme ;P

güzel sözler


noob, lrn2megaman...that's X

This girl seems like a rare's not easy to find an even moderately attractive girl who is a big enough gamer to would wear gaming gear. If you are dating this girl don't let her get away :D

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