Mar 7 2008London Pads Lamp Posts To Help Prevent 'Texting While Walking' Related Injuries


I'm not a big fan of text-messaging while walking, but that's because I have the coordination of a newborn. Apparently a lot of people do it. And apparently a lot of people get hurt doing it (allegedly 1 in 10 London texters) . So now the city is starting to pad its lamp posts to prevent people from running into them while they're busy texting. I personally think this is a horrible idea. It makes the lampposts look stupid and prevents injuries to people who probably deserve it (and should learn a valuable lesson). You have to look where you're walking! Next they're going to start padding cars for people who walk and text-message. I say screw the padding, add sharp spikes to the poles. If you can't manage to look where you're walking then you deserve to lose all that blood.

A painful video after the jump if you forgot what it looks like when someone runs into a pole.

Texting Leads while walking makes you bump into Lamp Posts [newlaunches]
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Could use somthing like this for objects i run into on the way home from the bar!!

They should have just thought of something to alert the distracted caller to the lamp post and avoid the collision altogether.

But what if you're walking from the other side? The pole's only half covered.

Yeah, some intern at vice magazine already found out that this was a lame publicity stunt. And a truly awful one at that.

How does an American sign up to vote in Britain? I want anyone lame enough to walk into a pole to do so without the padding. Like I have done. And then didn't do again.

am i horrible for laughing at that video? :) wow, the pain. once while on a field trip to the hospital (foreshadowing?) in the 5th grade, i found a love letter on the sidewalk and read it to myself while walking along with the class... you all know what happened next. The clanging "bong!" that my forehead made as it connected with pole echoed across the city, and the teacher quipped, "ha- good thing we're going to the HOSPITAL, eh kids?" I wanted to hurt that man.

You "saw screw the padding"?
WTF Geekologie writer...WTF?

But anyway, I agree with most of the above. If you can't watch where you walk, you deserve it.

The video was funny.

Heather that video was funny.
Laugh away.

Also I have to say it's your fault for reading a love letter thats not meant for you.
It did make me think. Does anyone have a video of a small child walking into a Lamp post because that would be funnier than the above video.

And that video was funny.

I call fake.

There are such amazing ideas in London.

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