Mar 25 2008Crack Deal Caught On Google Maps?


Allegedly this is a picture of a crack deal caught using the "Street View" feature on Google Maps. It's in Chicago. Now why everyone is jumping to the conclusion that this is some kind of drug deal is beyond me. I'm sure there's a logical explanation for the picture that doesn't involve illicit substances, and I think this is it: Somebody was lost, and pulled over for directions. The guy in the picture there knows the area really well, so he provided significant help. The driver was so happy about this that they tipped the man graciously with a handful of cash. See? Perfect sense. It's just a good Samaritan being handsomely rewarded. For selling the best rocks in Chicago.

See the real close-up picture of the deal after the jump.


Google Maps

Thanks to Winaki, who just says no to shady drug deals in front of street cameras, for the tip

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Im in school and so bored well g2g f*** me!!!!!!!!

LOL, ahhhh I hate street view. I never use it. I just know I'm gonna end up on there picking my nose or scratching my ass. No good can come of it.

I love that you can see the dude's license plate, too...

This is one of the only neighborhoods with this high of resolution. That "cracks" me up.

I was wondering when this would happen. I was looking for it but did not find it on my own.

On my street: My friend's car is in my driveway, my car is gone, and my wife's car is there. I wonder how many people are going to get caught with this! lol

New level of stupidity: dealing in broad daylight, in the middle of the street. They're either really stupid, or really new (or both).

I would like to be able to use this feature on streets here in Brazil.
Maps Streets View, I mean.
The crack dealers we have, and it works fine!

I was gonna try to dismiss the pic, but hell... it's pretty damn obvious :-) I wonder if the courts could charge with trafficking, and I wonder if it's legal for google to post ppls pix and make money off of it... I think that's illegal!!!

Big Brother watches us dealin' crack.

that looks like a nice wad of cash. either the dude is buying alot of crack, or he's buying the premium stuff.

Knowing the wacky kids at google, this is just a gag. Does anybody remember the "getting directions from the East Coast to Europe and google maps tells you to swim across the Atlantic" thing? Sadly it doesn't do that anymore, but it was still funny and an obvious joke by one of the programmers.

Then again, it could be an actual drug deal. Either way it's pretty funny.

I'm going to have to ask you to take this down immediately!!! You have no right to post this on the.....

Errr, no it's not me....I mean, I just think it's....what I'm getting at is.....D'oh!

lol thats funny

you guys are like 6 months behind...but good try

sure you probably already know about this but there's a whole website dedicated to google maps sightings include one of my favorites:

Hahaha, Google just recently blocked this image

Another thats just down the street and not been taken down yet...,-87.612795&cbp=1,128.5881833210861,,0,9.875934286799186&t=k&ll=41.823481,-87.612802&spn=0.001197,0.002674&z=19

hmm not quite correct, go three steps north and turn once to the left from the above...

Yer, just looked for it on the map, the image is blocked.
but you can still see him from the back :)

funny stuff.

If you zoom in you can actually see in the window.,-87.612795&cbp=1,128.5881833210861,,0,9.875934286799186&t=k&ll=41.823481,-87.612802&spn=0.001197,0.002674&z=19

my bad move up the street a little closer to the car there is still one more picture.

Even scarier, what about this? That looks like a shovel, rope, and baby stroller.... any ideas?,-87.678134&cbp=1,119.15744307174333,,3,16.85432422287084&t=k&ll=41.912881,-87.671585&spn=0.061062,0.1157&z=13

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Haha funny. But are your sure, that this is a crack deal solely its a black guy?

Best Regards from Berlin



Is that a bag of lye, next to the shovel?


Perhaps you're right Tobi, this might not be a crack deal. It could be a heroin or weed deal. However I'd be willing to wager quite a bit that it IS a crack being purchased. God I hate politically correct morons.

lol why are you spamming in russian on an american site? i bet im the only one who even knows what that says

That's too funny. Too bad Google took the image down....

I'm guessing its a heroin deal.

And here is proof:

Anyone who thinks drug deals in broad daylight aren't normal seem way to naive to me.

A painfully obvious subtext here that everyone is missing is that there are cameras in streets & neighborhoods throughout the land, not only here but in UK, Europe, et all. Does this set any alarm bells off to anyone? No? Of course not. Brave new world anybody? And Ill go ahead & dispatch the rebuttals that its for the public good with a little (un)common sense: Check some history and see where the gradual & steady limitation of civil liberties-- including the continuous monitoring of the populace-- leads. 1930's Germany is an easy place to start. The whole 'if you have nothing to hide...' argument holds no water because eventually you *will* have something to hide, just by being a natural free human citizen doing no harm other than refusing to be a slave. Wake up people please.

he´s just buying some candy

you wanna lose some money on that bet? cause i also know what it says!

я буду не русск а голландецы. добро не то funny?

I thought it was a screenshot of GTA IV for moment.

This one shows the guy still standing at the car, not as incriminating though.,-87.612719&cbp=1,54.50762933829256,,2,21.809987972666573&t=k&ll=41.82594,-87.61204&spn=0.011784,0.016007&z=16

That part of chicago i wouldnt think otherwise Vincennes goes threw some bad neighborhoods.

Image is no longer available. I guess the crack dealer complained to Google to have his image removed.

Hey, you f***ers got this from my TSF thread.

LOL shit was still funny.

lol people in chicago still smoke crack. gtfo.


Just great.
keep up the good work.


online advert for his crack business... class ! ! !

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