Mar 26 2008Canoflauge Can Covers Hide Your Beer


Canoflauge can covers are made out of vinyl and printed to look like soda cans. You just wrap one around a cold beer, and presto, time to drink in public. I think they could have done a little better with the names, but whatever, you'll have your hand around it anyways. The (reusable) set of four costs $5.89. Mine arrived this morning, so I'll take a stroll around town and let you know how they work.

UPDATE: I was out of beer so I just stuck two of them on a bottle of Jagermeister. It wasn't very convincing, a cop on a Segway arrested me. Someone please post bail. No rush though, I think my cell-mate is a personal trainer and we're going to do some exercising. Great guy, said he's really gonna give my ass a workout.

Canoflauge: This Isn't Beer Officer, It's a Refreshing Can of Skunkpiss

Thanks to Bianca, who has one of my favorite names, for the tip

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the non-reusabe paper versions are free in my kids Nickelodeon magazine. and they have more realistic fake-soda names

Seriously? Did you just go to a NASCAR race and find out that these have been in use for well over fifteen years? Or did you wander into ANY convenience store and discover these? You are sloooooooooooooooooooooow to report on anything.

I tried these, but they kept coming off in my car's cupholder.

Turd: Start your own blog and post a link here in the comments. Otherwise, quit your bitching.

i need that for strolling with my 40.

Seriously, these things have been around for OVER 30 years.

How did they ever come up with those naughty yet delightful names?

Why this has me in stitches! Pepski? Ohhh, my goodness that's amusing....

Oh Frederick? You've got to come and see this! They've taken ordinary product labels and


LOL! good cell mate joke :)

Dear "whistle",

I have no blog since I am not cool enough. I am cool enough, however, to read other people's blogs and comment whenever I want. Pardon me for calling the "geekologie" blogger out on his pseudo-new posting topics.

Love always,

Turdtholomew Ferguson

See #6's comment. I have back up!

Used these on the beach in ocean city maryland.....cops immediately came over to us and took these off our beer cans and gave us tickets for drinking on the beach!!!!! Alot of good they did us!


Turd: First of all, you are not cool. You are a douche. You are annoying. And you are not at all amusing. You can start a blog, its easy. Go here:

The defense of 'i can comment anything i want' is moot because it would have to acknowledge that (my) criticism of your comment is equally allowed (we all can comment and we all know that, point failed).

My point today is: Your argument is old, really old. As old as this product? I don't know or care. But the complaint that a particular article is old has been done over and over and over again since back in the day when it was already an old and tired comment.

You can hardly feel justified in complaining about something being around forever when the very argument you are bringing to the table is one that is old and been around since the website began.

Entertainment is here for you to enjoy or avoid. Enjoy it or avoid it. If you can do better, prove it or shut the hell up.

damn Turd got owned!

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It's much better to just empty out coke cans, and fill them with wine. (see: "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia")

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