Mar 28 2008Aquarium Bathtub Is Sweet, Too Expensive


The Moody Acquario is a $14,500 bathtub that has an aquarium on the side. It looks like the tank and tub are separated by a little space, which is smart because I was wondering how the fish would be able to withstand the heat transfer from my boiling baths. I love aquariums so I'm all about it. Minus, of course, the $14,500 price tag. I'm pretty confident you could build yourself one of these though without too much trouble. Or you can do what any normal damn person would, and bathe in your damn fishtank. But be warned: Don't just go throwing yourself in there lest you find a ceramic pirate ship up your ass.

Moody Acquario: Bathing With The Fishes [gizmodo]

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Reader Comments

How much money is it to just buy two really big fish tanks and then sit them side by side? I think aquariums are terrific but for $14,500 I can finish bathing before I go see the fish.

I like the idea of a large aquarium next to a shower even better.

its ugly, too. i agree... the shower fish tank idea sounds so much cooler

Similar to that old post about the aquarium bathroom...where the turtle is looking at you take a crapola...but the other one was way better.

Looks uncomfortable as hell. Where's the drain?

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