Mar 5 20089-Year Old Tears Up Guitar Hero III On Expert, Puts My Untalented Children To Shame

This is a video of 9-year old Ben tearing up Through the Fire and Flames for Guitar Hero III on expert. His little fingers move so fast. Just imagine how well he'd work on my child-labor powered assembly line. I bet he could really ramp up my production numbers. Don't get a big head though Ben, just because you can rock some Guitar Hero doesn't mean you're better than my kids. No sir. They're talented in other ways. Take my youngest son, Jimmy Jimereeno for instance. He sucks at video games but he can pick his nose. Yeah, and eat it. He's up there with the best of them. And not only that, he's not limited to his own nostrils. Just the other day I saw him jamming his chubby little finger up the dog's nose. Great kid, lots of talent.


Thanks to Tim, who can play Guitar Hero blindfolded and with one arm tied behind his back, for the tip

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Dad off camera with a wireless controller?

Thank goodness he learned to play this game so much rather than maybe learning to play a real guitar?

You've played Guitar Hero enough to reach 1 million points.





kids gonna get arthritis, real soon

It is actually not possible to get 1,000,000 points. There is a guy who built a bot that played the same song perfectly with all starpower possibilities available, but it was like a couple thousand points short

btw, that kid has no life

too bad that talent wasnt put on a real guitar....even though i have to say through the fire and flames is easier on a normal 6 string than on that game.....a lot easier....oh and guitar heor albe it fun...nothing ona real guitar...remember in the games you can only play songs that have been made for it, a real guitar not only can you play everyone elses music, but maybe make your own...thats a novel idea

I could do that easily if I had control of my limbs

Anybody here seen that episode from South Park? *sarcasm*

Quit letting a cartoon tell you how to think. Who cares if the kid is good at video games. You folks obviously aren't above time-wasters since you're at this website (sorry whoever runs the site).

The real travesty is that the kid chose the girl guitarist. That ain't right.

My little step brothers started playing Guitar Hero, and now they both own and play their own guitars.
Kid's gotta start somewhere!

First of all, Southpark wrong in saying that people DON't want to learn to play real guitars, because the number only increased since Guitar Hero came out. I am sure the father(who is probably recording this) will send this kid to a tutor as soon as he can.

Anyway, to comment on the song, yes the strumming is hard to do, but I always found that actually slowing down to figure what the f*** I was supposed to press at what time was my main problem. Like at the beggining there? The intro is the hardest most convoluted part, but the kid figured out a really simple way that works.

He used his left hand to hold on the green button, and used his right to press the rest. Once you blott the green button out of your head, and just look at the rest, it's actually pretty easy.

The song is done using two guitarists. I have no idea how the Guitar Hero designer's translated that into this. If you don;t believe check out the video, and you would notice they are both "solo"ing, so to speak.

So, I grew up beating Super Mario, Zelda, and battling for the most lines in Tetris. Kids growing up on Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Halo, give me the idea that we may be dumbing down the future? These games dont take much skill instead they take more practice at perfecting the timing. Am I far off base?

I cant remember exactly where I am stealing this from (might have been Penny Arcade or XKCD), but the general gist of what the comment was is this:

When you see someone playing an FPS game do you say, "Hey, your a f***ing idiot, go get a real gun and join the marines"

Or, you see someone playing a racing game, do you go tell them they suck because they should be trying out for nascar?

What about those people you see playing RPGs, do you tell them to go get a sword and take fencing lessons?

So why is it such a big deal when you see someone having fun playing a guitar game? The kid is having fun and listening to music, I am sorry if i dont find anything wrong with that.

Arthiritis isn't a good thing Billy-Bob.

That kid will get it soon and it would of been because he didn't go in the park enough and stayed in to watch TV and played on Guitar Hero all his life.

Ha! What a loser. (:

Boydi xXx

I see a future foreplay master in the making.
This kid is quite awesome, i doubt i can play half as well as he can.

You are the only LOSER on this site Boydi xXx!

The kid is only 9.

What were you doing at 9?

So everyone that plays guitar hero will get arthritis, or because this kid has faster fingers than you, you are jealous?

that kid is going to get so much ass.

how does he not have to strum in the beginning?

Hammer-on's. One u strum a note, there are sometimes a series of notes that can be just pressed instead of strummed.

So, on Youtube there's this video that shows you a god way of playing this song. You take a bottlecap, and rubberband it to the green button. Then you have your hand free to concentrate on the other buttons and strumming.

If you look closely, this is what he's doing. Yeah, he still beat the song, but he got a little help.

Actually, nvm. I watched the video again and I assumed wrong.

The kid's pretty impressive, I must say. I wouldn't call him a genius or a fag or anything else. It's neat that he can do that. I hope he can ride a bike though (that comes in handy)...let's see, at the age of 9: I had already published a pop-up book I made two years prior, I started carpentry, car mechanics, I mowed the lawn, and made several "inventions" out of legos and K'Nex that were never in the instructions....

we never had these types of video games then, but then again I have never owned a console, and found no need to own one. I have done all my gaming on PC. In any case, I'm glad the kid is nimble enough to succeed at this song.

Now if there was any sort of discrepancy in this video, I'd say it might begin after 5:37. If you look and listen, you'll notice the loud audible strumming doesn't quite sync up with that of the kid's guitar strumming. Granted I don't own GH3, (though I've played it) so I'm not completely sure, but that's just my guess. Though it can easily be argued that the audio and video aren't synched up, since the notes of the song (the sound) and the notes on the TV are unsynched about half to a whole second.

Cute kid...but I got a bit distracted with the orange Oscar fish in the background.

i started playing guitar hero about one week after the first one came out.
i played the game until the second one came out and then i got a real guitar.
i played the hell out of it.
the n when GH 3 came out i got it and played the hell out of it.
the thing about games like guitar hero and rock band is that it in most cases it sparks the interest to want to learn how to play real guitar.
and also, the kid is playing game because its fun.
same reason why i played.
now i am a professional guitarist with an album in the making.
and also, for some reason girls like it when you shred a 2/3 sized plastic guitar.
so i owe my long lost virginity to guitar hero a couple times over.

Sweet Jaysus in the garden that kid can play that game.

i tried playing this a few weeks back at a buddy's house and I barely managed to get through a few songs on Easy. I almost had a seizure watching Expert hehe.

Rock on little buddy, rock on.

#22 - I call shenanigans, no one has ever lost their virginity because of GH!

Harr harr harr @ #22!!!

I was following his story like lambs to the slaughter...until he said he lost his virginity because of GH3.

Also that statement of being a professional guitar player since GH1 came out also sounds you became a pro in 3 years?!

Hmm... as for the vid ROCK ON KID!!!

I don't get it.

Isn't this like playing that Simon game? You just kind of hit the buttons in the order they pop up.

Or maybe its like that dopey dancing game where you have to jump on the buttons as the colors come up. Except with Guitar Hero you can sit down. So its like the dance game for fatties and crips (the handicap - not the gang).

awww with 27 comments I have to join in on the fun

I don't see why people are insulting this 9 year old for devoting this much time to a video game. I know much much older people who devote probably MORE time to Halo (and no, it's not me). I don't care what people say, playing video games, whether it be Guitar Hero or Halo, takes skill. Not to mention there's money that can be won. I doubt I live in the only city that does Guitar Hero competitions and the prizes are always freakin awesome.

#22: Yeah you're a professional guitarist after only three years? You lost your virginity because of this game? I call lie. If you're 18, that means you started when you were about 15 and you just lost your virginity, and it also means you're too young to be pro (financially, equipment-wise, or otherwise). If you're 30, then it's possible you became a professional guitar player (though I still doubt it), then, according to societal standards (not my own), you're pathetic.

old but good.

Man I'm jealous of this kid. I'm 26 and it took me like a month to beat this song. Most people can't do it. I want to call him a nerd or a dork but I'm actually really impressed and jealous.

the 9 yr old kid threw down horns! rock n roll man.

you can become a professional guitar player after 1 week of strumming a guitar. (see 70's and 80's punk bands) three chords played badly. I'm not sure why no one believes this dude who reckons he's pro after 3 years. I was gigging in a band, and making (small amounts of) money, after a year of playing guitar.

Good. He can play a video game. But I can drive. What is more to help you in the real world? Driving. HA!

Pretty cool, I guess. Too bad this song sucks.

Oi, here we go. yet another argument of "guitar hero vs. real guitar" *Duhoik* Seriously, get a life guys, ad realize IT'S A GAME. PEOPLE PLAY GAMES FOR FUN. THERE IS NO INSULT AND/OR COMPETITION AT PLAY WITH GUITAR HERO. (I wonder if typing in caps using a credible argument negates the fact that people look like idiots using caps...?) Seriously, will you losers get a life? Aaanyways, I don't think I've ever felt more emasculated(videogame wise) by a little kid in my life. I heard some rumour of someone who managed a natural perfect on that track though....

Wow Kid! U SERIOUSLY hold those horns up high!!!

Anyways, anyone that has played a tournament or whatever with live players knows full well that video games (especially today's) require skill. I'm 26 still rockin', still playin' and have been doing both since the release date of the original NES system. To the people who believe these morons when they say it will never get you anywhere DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM! I am living proof that they are wrong.

Im 26, got a bachelors degree in Multimedia and Web Development, started programming HTML when it was 'cool' and have developed and co-created several computer games. Further more, if you take the sum of the non-believer's yearly income, mine alone will still put them to shame. Do not listen to them. Do what you enjoy and do it well.

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he wernt strumming at start

That is so fake!..a nine year can not do that without making any mistakes seriously...its not cool to try and seek fame this way!..sorry but theres no way he can do that!

dood... what a waste of talent... that kid should totally learn to play a REAL guitar......

.....if you want to dance, go danceng...don't play ddr...if you want to play guitar, play guitar, not guitar his strumming hand is suspicsously way a kid that age has that capabilities w/out serious training/beatings

its impossible to reach 1million points unless you have a bot like all those moding fags out there

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