Feb 12 2008Whole Room In A Box : Suck It IKEA!


The CASULO is a room packed into a 90 x 120 cm box. It includes a wardrobe, desk/table, cabinet, rotating and height-adjustable desk chair, two stools, a bed and mattress, and set of shelves. It's not necessarily anything to impress a lady, but great for the person that squats in abandoned apartment buildings and may need to move at a moment's notice. Apparently it takes about 7 minutes from start to finish. And you know what else takes 7 minutes from start to finish? Making sweet love to my girlfriend. Twice. She doesn't call me Don Geekologie Juan for nothing. Okay, I make her call me that.

Two larger pictures and a video of the assembly process after the jump.



Casulo Product Page

Thanks to Caitlin, who puts supermodels to shame with her natural beauty, for the tip

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Reader Comments

Does it come with a plastic bag to throw up in when you have to stare at that nasty green color?

Funny colour or not....this thing will be amazing for students!

Then again, how many students have access to a pallet jack or a fork lift to move their stuff?

Students are hench, Who needs pallet forks. (Y)

That's awesome, the boxes even come with their own hangers!...I just hope someone doesn't try jumping on the bed (or screwing on it)...I don't know if it'd be able to take the impacts/weight.

some one needs to donate these along with tents large enough to house this stuff to the homeless. and some fields large enough to accommodate them outside of city limits with a single bus line that car reach them so that they can come into the city and look for work and other resources.

I know what your thinking. i just solved our problem with the homeless. your welcome.

Does it also come with a forklift so you can move it once it has been packed with all that hideously heavy particle board?

@6 - who needs a bus when there's parking lots full of grocery carts? A better idea is to elongate the base so they can just stop and sleep where they are (which is what they do anyway). Why waste all that gasoline (and hurt the enviornment) hauling them back and forth? If they want a job, it should be noted that the grocery cart will already conduct electricity very nicely. THANK YOU.

Ohhh. They might save more space and have more a comfortable bed if they used and inflatable mattress.

#8: If you were to put all these in a single location, then it defeats the purpose of having these things be portable. As a joke, yeah, you solved the homeless problem, but in seriousness, there's a lot more involved than just that. Some cities have so much red tape on the homeless issue that it discourages everyone (even churches) from helping the homeless.

#8...and one good pair of lungs...

haha, when i saw this my only speculation was how much of a bitch it will be to shove that mattress back in there...

It is a great Creative idea

I LOVE this! It can be modified to suit anyone, really. Colors are easily changed to suit individual tastes...and I see this ingenious idea taking off like fireworks. Seems others don't see the potential (works for the homeless?) but I certainly see this as just the start of what's to come for many. My sister lives on an island (hard to transport things there) and "room in a box" sounded interesting. A rug, some accessories, lighting and art and boom! you're there. Also can see this as being sold in many different ways (styles) as the "hip" way to go. Bravo!

Much better when Andrea Zittel did this (about 15 yrs ago)...

Hi where could i find something like this room-in-a-box?

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