The Hello Kitty AR-15 Is Just So Damn Cute

February 11, 2008


A man modded an AR-15 with a custom paintjob to produce one of the cutest guns I've ever seen -- the Hello Kitty AR-15. As you can see it's pink and looks really good. But only in a "I'm totally secure with my manliness" kind of way. And to prove myself I just bit the head off a squirrel. See, all man damnit. That being said, I'm going to start sleeping with one of these instead of my old stuffed bear. Which, incidentally, is a grizzly I choked to death with my bare hands.

Several more pictures after the jump, including a break down and some firing shots.




Hello Kitty AR-15 - evil black rifle meets cute and cuddly [riflegear]

Thanks to Kal-El, who can spot a good looking firearm, for the tip

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