Feb 8 2008Cat Armor Is Awesome, My Cat Wants Some


Jeff de Boer is an artist that believes that cats would look way more awesome if they were wearing some freaking armor. And he's totally right. He's been making armor for animals since the 90's, and started with protective gear for mice (see pictures after jump). He then moved on to his line of cat battle gear, and I've got to say, it looks great. I've got one cat in particular that would look great in these get-ups. His name is Tiny, but we call him the terrorist or Shitty Bill. He would totally rock the hell out of the neighborhood cats if we gave him a suit like this. Of course then the little bastard would probably turn on me and kill me in my sleep. So I'm just going to make him cardboard armor instead. If he's lucky he may get a tinfoil helmet, but definitely no lance.

UPDATE: Shitty Bill cried until I promised him a lance. So I guess I'll make him one out out of a broomstick or something.

UPDATE: Jesus, now he wants a mount to ride.

UPDATE: Tied him to the dog. They look great, totally ready for battle.

A bunch more pictures along with a link to the whole gallery after the jump.






Jeff de Boer's Cats And Mice Gallery

Thanks to Sebastian, whose sword is swift and deadly, for the tip

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Reader Comments

holy f*** i'm totally getting this for my cat!!!!


I so want to buy a mouse so I can put that silver armor on it, It'd f*** up mouse traps mate.

gotta protect your pussy...CAT

this is some crazy stuff laughed my head off Don't know if I'd let my cat wear these things or not!

"gotta protect your pussy...CAT"

that's great man, I was thinking something along those lines... lol

This guy taught at my art college (yeah laugh it up) and everyone said he was a dink. But holy crap I love his cat armor. That samurai cat is HOT.

I took a course with him at said college. he's a dick for sure, but I like him.

Your cats have needed this shit for years. Hey Swift BACK THE F*** UP!

Dang, I was expecting to see a Picture of a cat wearing that

The reason there's no picture of a cat wearing that is because the cat would probably crouch down on the ground, not budge and look at you both quizzically and pissily.

uuhh, how about some pictures of an actual cat wearing this shit?? is that too much to ask? i mean thats what its for right?f***, i mean come on, the armours nice and all, but lets see it in action. right? jesus.... people are so f***ing stupid

To the writer: you know, if you got this armor for your cat, it would stop doing the anal-suction thing against your face. However if you make him armor out of cardboard, you can get the kids who made the Master Chief cardboard armor and take a picture together...good times.

someone put this on a real cat and take a pic, for god's sake

the animals are going to war!

Yeah we need a Samus cat now!

"uuhh, how about some pictures of an actual cat wearing this shit?? is that too much to ask? i mean thats what its for right?f***, i mean come on, the armours nice and all, but lets see it in action. right? jesus.... people are so f***ing stupid"

And the award for least literate or coherent post anywhere ever goes to this enormous spastic.

just. awesome.

my cat Brutus would be without a doubt, unstoppable.

Sufferin’ succotash!

It's pretty obvious this is for art and not for actual use. You'd be pretty stupid to put this on your cat as he would not only be pissed off but wouldnt be able to move at all.


is this not the dumbest thing ever? its cologne that smells like play doh. play doh smells like crap. plus who am i trying to pick up, a three year old?! i didnt have anyother way to share this.

After putting the armor on the cat, it is good to put a hamster in a round ball excercise cage out in the yard for inspiration. The New Joust.

@19 Obviously you are no cat trainer.

Let's see what these babies can do in the hands of a professional - like Medieval Times.

Meow! *Stab*

Ow, Jesus, alright, I'll get your damn Friskies! Jesus Christ, it's Toonces the Golden Age in here.

f*** cats, I want this for my dog. Though I might actually like cats more if they ran around wearing armor.

#8. screw his cats. i need some of this. swift bit me more than he ever did those cats.

anyone up for a rennaissance cat fair?

he was interviewed by some japanese news agency or tv show or something and they convinced him to put his cat in a suit. he did and the cat filleted his arm. apparently it's on video. I've asked to see it and he's willing to show it but we've never gotten around to a viewing. if I ever get a copy it'll be on youtube.

I think he hasn't done dogs because he's a cat person, and he does mice because it's funny.

This reminds me of that great SNL commercial for Action Cats (with mini-mite!). I'd link it, but UTube is being syphillitically whory. So here's the gist of it, in transcripted form:


Someone supposedly put the vid on his/her webpage, but f***ed if I know how to get it to run, if they coded the damn thing properly in the first place, of course:


Is this for real? Wow.

I think this stuff is perty cool but I wouldn't put my cat in it. She would kill me wen I took it off!!! But good luck with it.

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