Feb 27 2008Papercut Art Is Stunning And Made Of Paper


Peter Callesen is an artist who cuts up paper into beautiful little things. Sort of like Papercraft, but he always uses the actual sheet from which the design was cut as part of the piece. They're all absolutely beautiful. I posted a few of my favorites, along with a link to the whole gallery after the jump, which is a must see. I really admire the time and patience this takes. I know, because I've tried to make Papercraft objects before and I sliced off a finger and glued my hand to my privates.

Several more pieces and a link to the gallery after the cut.





Peter Callesen's website

Thanks to Mike, who has had better luck with paper art than I have, for the tip

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Reader Comments

A reader mentioned this site on an old Geekologie post that showed a paper bee so I got a chance to check it out a while ago. It really is amazing stuff.

k i highly doubt that he made the last one

the other ones you can tell are made from paper but clearly not that one

How is it clear that the last one is not made of paper? It's called being good.

it could be, he could have made the corregatedy bits of the pillars by scoring them, and the raggedy bits by scrunching?

They're all absolutely beautiful!

They're all absolutely old news!


Very impressive. I would like to learn to make some of these.


I just looked through the galleries...amazing stuff...even the large format cuts. This guy is great.

This is old news, in the same way a post about the existence of Google.com would be old news.

You guys here about this site called Google.com ? its amazing! they're really going to go places.

#10: Google is fake. And even if they were real, they wouldn't last long...it's like having a site that does something like...well...host people's videos online or something...yeah those will never work.

it's old? so am i. who cares.

oh, and just because google is still conceptual doesn't mean it's fake, or photoshopped!

Such beautiful work. A talented artist.

I took a look at his gallery a few months back and it made me want to get into paper crafting.

Also made me want to make a giant ugly duckling suit and roll around in paint.

But that's neither here nor there. That guy's bizzare, insane, and brilliant. I love it.

FYI, for the tossers who leave their retardo comments saying 'old news', guess what, there are more comments on this piece from people such as myself who hadn't seen it before than people who think that a website should actually catalog their brains and only show them things that they haven't seen before.

I am guessing that would make Geekologie more of a site on nude female anatomy anyway.

Ha yes - my destiny to be ignored, by and large:
The other stuff I linked to then has also been cruelly overlooked...

if you like this...you've got to check out the paper sculpture art that the magazine REAL SIMPLE uses each month. never before has a turkey made out of paper looked so delicious in their november issue. they made the paper gravy flow!

really. go look at an issue

hmm. glorified pop-up books...without the pages.


it looks very nice....i like it.

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