Feb 20 2008Officer Rivieri Is Just Plain Nuts, Loud, Roidy

Apparently Officer Rivieri, the Baltimore police officer best known for his Grammy-winning single "Don't Call Me Man Or Dude" and title role in Roid Ragin' - Return Of The Teenage Headlock goes off the deep end on a fairly regular basis. Shown here is a Washington D.C. art student's video of his confrontation with Rivieri last summer. Now I'm not totally sure how a video of people's reactions to a shoebox with a radio controlled car underneath is considered art, or fun, or anything, but whatever. Rivieri to the rescue.

Liveleak Video

Thanks to Brendan, who fights everyday to keep the world a safer place, for the tip

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This guy sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen. He should never be allowed to patrol the streets again.

Stupid american cops, couldnt cut it in any other industry so he became a cop. Thats a wide spread problem. The power gets to their heads and they think they can do what ever they feel. A bunch of Meat heads from high school who are losers at life and become cops because you don't need any skills or talent to do so. Hes a big man picking on a 17 year old kid and an art school nancy boy.

gotta admit, I don't see anything wrong with this one. He sees a box moving around, and flips it over. When the RC car starts to drive around him, he kicks it away. Then he *supposedly* told the "art student" off, but that part's not even on tape (at least not shown in this clip - Trisha, we're waiting for you to provide some hard evidence).

damn art students! always getting in my way while I drive my SUV while talking on the cell phone. I almost run them over everyday (which is in no way a reflection on my driving abilities.

"Caught on Tape" cracks me up. This clip just goes to show that this cop is a true asshole (not just on the skateboarder) Right Trisha??

awww Sophie. You flatter me.

Sorry to disappoint but don't have time to really comment on this one. I haven't even had a chance to check up on the previous thread. Today's a one time visit for real.

Once again thats

Salvatore Rivieri
4 Delight Ave
Nottingham, MD 21236-4118

Feel free to drop him a line letting him know what a fine role model he is.

@ #4
Yes, because a small toy car was certainly an immediate threat to the officer's life.
Let's face it, in a situation which would have, at most, warranted a short Q&A, the officer reacted with all of the suave charm and cool head of a 5 year old on a suger bender.

I really hope this officer gets canned.

#7 thanks for the address. Another strategy is to call the Baltimore Chamber of Commerce at (410) 752-1325 and let them know that visitors and businesses won't tolerate a police force with that kind of influence.

#4 I'm pretty sure is making fun of Trisha, who believes the internet is a real place and must defend her ePride

I wonder if I should move to Baltimore. They obviously don't have any real crime or Rivieri dude wouldn't be so hard up for something to do. On second thought, maybe not, my 11 year old wears Heelies everywhere.

Umm... I'm guessing the tech in the store was the smart car he was driving :-)

oops... that's "story" not store lol!!!

Technically it's a blog... so i should have said "I'm guessing the tech in this BLOG was the smart car he was driving".

I would like to see Dude Rivieri on an episode of Punk'd.

"Suspended with pay" what total bull. I'm sure he's at home, chillin, drinking beer, seeing if he can bully any of the neighborhood kids. Trisha (aka ex-officer Rivieri), c'mon, we all know you may not be posting, but you sure are reading. At least that was a cheap RC car...if it had been one of my gas-powered FM cars, I'd had made sure it'd move away before he could get to it (up to 45mph), and then laugh when he couldn't chase it.

PARTLY (read: not completely) in his defense, he's Italian. My mom's part Italian, and I'm afraid of her. I talked back to her once, she almost broke my teeth, and never again. Italians have negative patience. They're born wound up and ready to snap. But that doesn't excuse what he did. He shouldn't be a cop, he should be a wrestler or something, or a garbage man...or in construction (where he can channel his anger in more positive ways).

The real crime is that it costs like 12 bucks for a f***ing budweiser piss beer in the inner harbor.

His level of anger is just so ridiculous, there must be some medical reason for it. That, or he has such a small penis that he feels it nessecary to assert his manhood by kicking remote controlled cars and groping 14 year old boys.

The stupid car under a box sounds pretty retarded, so without watching the video I'm kind of with Rivieri on this one. Maybe the only reason he's such an asshole is because people have gone out of their way to tick him off his whole life.

Oh now I get it...Rivieri is actually a frustrated art critic who never made it and must do his part to rid the world of meaningless art. Sort of a rogue curator. Yes yes I see it now.

I got a couple seconds so I came back, since you all probably were expecting it anyways.

I can't watch the video at work and I haven't heard the sound so I really can't come up with anything for either side. Nor do I have issues with either party to begin with (I have no desire to run over any remote control cars as there are none in my street that I have to deal with every day).

But maybe Bobeyo has a valid point about people going out of their way to piss him off. Why else do all these people have videos of it happening with him? They must know that they'll get a reaction.

I'd be an angry MF if I had to drive around in half a car and wear that ridiculous uniform. He doesn't even get to dress like a real cop or drive in a real cop car.

suspended with pay?? with pay?? f*** off.
note to you all. i have encountered an abusive cop. not long ago. they are out there.

Amazing, from blighty and have to say have never come across actions like this from a cop. So what if those kids or artist where the most anoying pricks on the planet it would still not be a reason to act in such a manner.
Ego power trip of the most insecure kind!!!

suspended with pay = paid vacation
i bet he's lovin it. God knows he'll never receive any actual discipline.. even when it's on camera in plain view.

Dudes a dick... not as bad as middletown pa cops though

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