Feb 1 2008Livingstones: Pillows That Look Like Rocks


I don't have much information about Livingstones, except they're pillows that look like rocks. They're made by a French company and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Based on the pictures it would appear that kids love sleeping in them and they look good in a ridiculously modern room. These are definitely on my 'to get' (or maybe 'to make') list. I'm gonna put them out in the living room and wait for my roommate to get real comfortable with them. Then I'll replace them with real rocks. He'll dive in and break every bone in his body! Good times, good times.


Thanks to Drew, who I wish I could take cool lessons from, for the tip

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Reader Comments

why is janice dickinson in a bikini on the right?

cos she has just thrown all those rocks on the kids and is celebrating her victory over those evil tyrants. 'grrrrr'

why do you ask stupid questions

you're just jealous cause you couldn't post "first"

oh, and you should end a question with a question mark.

wow this is the first time I really liked some new style of furniture. I want!

It was rhetorical, that's why I didn't use a question mark.
And I'm not jealous, since I don't post "first". I POST FAKE!!!


And you should start your sentences with a capital letter.

i know. it's a fault of mine that i don't try particularly hard to correct.

laz - aww, don't feel bad. I was just yankin you chain. nobody likes caps anymore.

E. E. Cummings was a genius.

since the geek writer didn't have much info, here it is

they're sold worldwide (more or less) with a few stores in the US, incl

welcome back, bean bag chairs!

Those poor kids, killed in a freak indoor rockslide.

saw those things at a home show last year... made of a solid hunk of foam and fairly comfortable. Find the wool covering itchy, but you can get it with neoprene covering too (for outdoor use). Way cool, but bloody expensive... $2,000 for the big rock, hundreds of $ for the little ones. Love it, but yikes!!

i love it! dang, that's truly cool!

we're actually going to order some of these. this is sweet man.

My man I met through Richsoulmate.com likes nature. I think he would like the stones. hehe.

I think I'd rather just have a couch or something. It looks more like giant cat shit than rocks. :/


those look fake

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