Feb 8 2008The Taste Is Strong With This Cookie


Well it's been awhile since we've seen any Yoda inspired delicacies, but at long last comes another, this time in cookie form. They were created by dessert maker Zoë Lukas to celebrate the upcoming Star Wars exhibit at the Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia. I'd eat one. Hell, I'd eat a bunch of them as long as they're not Yoda flavored. I've heard the taste of a 900 year old shriveled Jedi master just isn't as appetizing as one would think. Shocking, I know.

Another picture of the cookies after the jump.


Yoda Cookies: Taste Delicious, Uses The Force [geekadelphia]

Thanks to Eric, who loves cookies as much as I do, for the tip

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Reader Comments

"...desert maker Zoë Lukas..."

i didn't know that there were desert manufacturers out there. >.<

that was quick! good job ;)

hate it when he corrects the typos

Deliciousness! :)

his nose looks like a cock

Hope he got permission from Lucasfilm. Using the likeness of Yoda without permission to sell cookies is likely to be a trademark violation.

"mmmm delicious with milk I am"

#5, if that's the only type of cock you know, then I feel sorry for you.

I'd eat a baker's dozen at least, if they tasted good.

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