Jan 17 2008Ridiculous: Disintegrator Rubberband Gun


I remember some crazy old guy selling rubberband guns at the fair, but never anything that looked like this. "Composed of 479 pieces, the Disintegrator shoots rubber bands up to 22 feet at a blistering rate of 40 per second. Its 24 revolving barrels hold up to 288 standard-sized #36 bands, and the gun can be fired from a tripod, a table mount or from the hip." I'm not sure if holding it makes everyone look stupid, or if the kid in the picture was just born that way. Anyhoo, the unit took two months to build and takes 5 hours to charge for 7 minutes use. Which is pretty crummy. But if you want to build your own you can check the link to the construction page after the jump. I thought about building one, before I realized that real guns are cooler and do a lot more damage. Watch -- *BLAM* See, that shot almost took my other arm clean off. Damn that's a lot of blood. Wow, it's really gushing. I'm feeling a little light-headed all of a sudden. *THUD*

Another picture and a video that you should watch after the jump. But skip to around 1:30 to get past all the boring stuff.


Disintegrator Gun Shoots 40 Rubber Bands Per Second, Provides Vengeance For Nerds[gizmodo]

Disintegrator Page

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Reader Comments

damn cool

Holy crap! Oh its on! I'm gonna kill my co-worker with this sucker! Well maybe not kill, but definately bruise him up real good...

Indeed, this is awsome...

What song is this?

I'll bet the video of them loading it isn't as exciting.

The math doesn't make sense. 7 minutes firing time, 40 bands per second = much more than 288

Hey i saw this thing in Jackie Chan's new movie called "30,000,000" looks funny as and in the movie they end up smashing it across someones face! i think it looked better being smashed then it actually working cuz of all the wood that it has!!! ehheheh


Geekologie's trademark semi-humourous synopses traded in for a fifteen year-old AIM user's "sound effects".

Good show.

@7- Uhh... what?

This is cool! I want one so I can shoot little dogs and babies with it. : D

I must own one!

wow that song is terrible

When I first saw it I thought it was some Harry Potter joke and the guy was riding a broom backwards. Ten points from Gryfendor !!(I dont care how it's spelled, it's the guy yelling it NOT ME)


@another dork: What if there were slight gaps in firing or glitching up? That'd add some lost time without even really knowing.

Ok correct me if I'm wrong, but there was no actual disintegration in this video at all. So from that point of view, that's faulty advertising. A better name would be perhaps "The Pain Achiever" or something.

In any case, I have to admit that it's pretty neat. Didn't rubber band guns go out of style in the early 90's though. Anyway, I guess it'd be neat to own one and shoot the annoying kids off your property on their way from school.

I like how it's really obvious that it takes for ever to load it up so most of the video is just the "barrells" spinning or that one guy waving it around with a big dumb grin on his face.

Robert Smith is sad.

No way near as good as:


I don't care how fast it shoots, I'm still going to put my weiner in it...

where do i go 2 get the constructions?

i meant the construction manuals

omg u are all a bunch of fags go die

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