Jan 4 2008Earth Is Screwed: 'Green' Moonbase Designed


Well we pretty much screwed the pooch with our little planet here, so it's time to start thinking about moving somewhere else. I suggested the sun, but some "scientist" said that would be impossible. Something about being too hot, but I personally like it warm. Anyway, here's the design for a nearly self-sustainable (90-95%) 'green' moonbase.

The Luna Gaia base will be situated in a huge crater to protect from solar radiation and will feature numerous green technologies. Huge mirrors will be focused on a water supply, creating steam and driving a turbine for electricity generation. They'll also come in handy for any vain astronauts and for the females' makeup application. Many of the station's modules will be inflatable and made of Vectran, a stronger than Kevlar material. Food production will consist of tanks of Tilapia and hydroponic vegetables. If times get desperate astronauts can also kill and eat one another.

One of the main keys to the base's sustainability is the reuse of urine and doodoo. Urine runs through an ion-exchange filter and into algae tanks, where it is eventually released as water vapor and reused for washing or purified further and made drinkable. Dookie is broken down by different bacteria into water, minerals and ammonium, which are made into fertilizer and used to feed plants, fish and algae. If you drink the doodoo water then you turn into a monster and haunt the dreams of normal people that would never drink water that came from your butt, no matter how pure it is.

There you have it, a 'green' moonbase. Construction is slated for sometime after 2020, which could mean 2021 or could mean after the world explodes and it's too late. I know I'm sure as hell not waiting. My spaceship is near completion and I'm now accepting applications for hot chicks that want to start a space colony on the sun with me. Who's down? I heard it's real tropical there, like the beach, but absolutely nothing like a beach. Maybe more like hell.

UPDATE: Jesus, that was a long post.

The Green Side of the Moon [popularscience]

thanks to Raul, who gets mad laid practically constantly, except for when he gets hungry and the chick has to make him a sandwich, for the tip

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Reader Comments

Yeah, I can really see this happening. How long would it take to build such a thing? How much would it cost?

All they did here was rip-off that drawing I did in third grade.

Yeah, they didn't choose tilapia randomly - those fish eat shit. I saw it on television somewhere, Dirty Jobs, I think. The place they were profiling was actually a bass farm, but all the bass-crapped water was sent into the tilapia tank to simultaneously sustain them and clean the water. The shit-fed tilapia are sold to market just like the bass. So, maybe you'd be drinking your own shit on the moon, but you'd also be eating fish that had been eating/drinking your shit, as well.

What a meal! Pee water and shit-fed fish. It's just like living in China! Yummy...

Let's just hope they have other ideas for when someone dies. Like, cremation or something.

LOL! the sick part is that while people chuckle they keep working on it. Maybe this is something thats been going on for a bit! Call me Crazy but the Ruskis send crap to space about once a month for the past few years!

I'm staying here to help clean up after the party!

I like the idea of it except for the pooey water that is supposedly clean :|

Maybe I'm the only one (so far) but I find this horribly depressing.

What's wrong with feeding people shit?

MCDonalds have been doing it for years.

Ok so water is a renewable resource. It's been going through a similar purification process for eons. We've drank the same water as dinosaurs, plants, and other creatures have for as long as time's been around. (How do you think we get water from a water-purifying plant), now the poop...eh, it's good for something :p

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