Jan 30 2008Boy Makes Own Halo Armor, It Is Awesome

There's a bunch of videos on Youtube of people that have made their own Halo armor, and this one is classic. It was made out of cardboard by a boy named Ashley. It is awesome. He says it's a work in progress so I assume he's going to paint it or something. He also mentions something about molding them eventually. I must admit, he looks pretty badass. And by 'looks pretty badass' I mean you can see his mom cooking breakfast during the entire video.

Two more videos of cardboard armor made by 10-year-olds (the ones you play against online) after the jump.

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So THAT'S how you get chicks.

beats the hell out my store bought halo costume. friggin rubber band broke, and now the mask won't stay on. now it's just a damn plastic bib with a picture of a halo guy on it. should left it sealed in the box, then I could sell it on ebay for lots of sweet cash. damn me!!!

I really can't tell if this whole post is a sarcastic joke or not. It may be a better job than i would ever do, but it's still a teenager walking around in cardboard and his skivvies.

%100 lame.


LOL. What was he doing with his arms. There were a couple times it looked like he was flexing, then more towards the end it looked like he was batting away a butterfly very effeminately with both hands at the same time.

Where did he get the clear cardboard for the visor?

It's almost like watching someone do their first hit of meth...it's all downhill from here boys.

man the amount of work he did comparatively is impressive. but what can i say they all suck. yep watching a bunch of kids who got beat up everyday because they were so skinny and decided to make armor from their favorite came only they couldn't access anything more resilient than cardboard, and in the end it just made them even more skinnier and probably got them beat way more often. man i hated being ten.

"Ashley, breakfast is ready."
"God, mom, I told you to call me Master Chief!"
"OK honey. Come eat your eggs."


*this is totally sweet omg im only the coolest kid on the block all the ladies will want me and to feel up my biceps god its freaking sweet that dad left all this cardboard laying- and when i mean dad i mean that homeless guy, and when i mean laying around i mean stole his home, dad your the greatest, and when i mean dad i mean my mom got drunk and then was rapped by that guy that sleeps in his van down by the river. freaking awesome*

Why was the helmet so small?
Was that Rise Against playing in the background?
What was his mom cooking?
I demand answers!

that 2nd video is funny
the kid looks more like subzero from mortal combat hahaha

I have thwarted the covenant. I have beat down the bruts. I have cut through the flood and it's endless minions. . . I am Master Chee. . . oh crap? Is that rain?! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo...............

Also: Does this suit double as his future home?

Also: Now that's a homeless man that knows how to make a hitch-sign.

Also: What's Cortana made of? Jello?

Ba dum chish

you can't help but cringe when you watch him, just too nerdy.

(in response to the kid in the 3rd video) now you know what it would be like to be the star wars fat kid showing off his light saber/broomstick skills from that famous viral after your vid circles the web a couple billion times. maybe you shouldn't have shown us your face master chief.

he must be stopped.

"This is the final model, but it's still in the making"
>What? But I have to agree with most comments about these kids being beat up...I mean a dude with a name "Ashley?" I guess his mom really wanted a girl (which also accounts for the effeminate flailing).

I don't really know what much else to say, since I agree with pretty much all the comments.

Oh and #3, yeah...it was sarcasm.

It's a good thing I'm still a teenager. That way I can say one thing:

He has a nice ass, at least.

I think this video is the prequel to 'The 40-Year-Old Virgin'.

"OK Master Chief, We're just going to auto-calibrate your systems..."
"Weapons, Check."
"Shields, Check"
"Turtleneck, Check"

I'm sorta pissed that you called me ten.

My costume was not that great. I only had 3 weeks to make it, and I was doing a lot of other things as well.

Please read the video description before posting other stupid comments.

Thank you

the third videos is removed, the second on is wierd, and the first would be better if his mom wasnt cooking in the background. photoshop it so your mom looks like a grunt.

!!!!!!!!! ROFLMAOBBQ XD!!


im sorry about these retards comments thay dont know how hard makeing a costume is congragulations u have the creativity that thes retards dont its hard making a costume with card board good job (clapclapclapclapclap!!!!!!) i would know im 15 and my first 1 was good but my new 1 is great

just go to www.405th.com and ask 4 help its great

Mom: "What are you doing ashley?"
Ashley: "MOM! WTF? I told you to call me master(bating) chief!
Okay WTF he MODELS the suits so freakin gayyyyyyyyyyyy....

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