Jan 7 2008Arts And Crafts Time: Melted LEGO Lamp


Two LEGO posts in a row, hot dog! Now I'm pretty sure melting LEGO blocks into a massive gaudy mess of a lampshade is sacrilegious, so I'm posting this with the hope that someone out there will beat up the person responsible for this atrocity. Why not just make a LEGO lamp? That would be cool. Putting a bunch of LEGO blocks into round cake pan and baking them in the oven is not. It's sad and it makes me angry. While I'd never wish anyone harm (despite my prior statement), I do hope that melting LEGO blocks give off some sort of sterilizing gas so this person can't reproduce.

Melted LEGO Lamp [geekalerts]

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Legos suck.

Ladies is where it's at!

I think it's cute

I wonder if the blocks ae translucent...?
otherwise, this "invention" pretty much sucks

Next up, the "inventor" puts a 200W bulb on this lamp, leaves it on for a long time, and the lampshade becomes one big droopy-looking thing.

I don't really like it. Anyone who would lose creativity with legos (and destroy them), is uncool.

hmm interesting idea. May be good for the kids' room. Yea I wonder if it really works, and if the bulb gets too hot, would it start melting around there?

Indoor lamps don't allow for 200w bulbs, 40 or 60 is standard wattage. Odds are this person did this in their oven at about 500 degrees F and probably on or in a metal bowl. Also it is open on the top and heat rises, so I can't see it getting very hot.
You all sound like a bunch of kids. How many of you still live at home?

I made this lamp and actually, many people do like it: http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=201626.0

LoveOverGold is entirely correct. I made it in the oven. There are no heat issues with it as heat rises and it's entirely open at the top. There is also a ring (that came with the original plastic shade) that holds it in place to the base. The bulb does not touch the Legos.

The light shines upward and out of the shade. It illuminates the entire room.

And also, thank you for the kind thoughts. I gave birth to my son in October, 2008.

I LOVE IT....my son would hate it though.

He loves Lego and we find it all over the house all the time. He's loved it since young and he doesn't seem to be growing out of it. Stepping on it hurts, it breaks my vacuum cleaner, and there's murder when his baby siblings break his models.

I could melt it all down and make something myself with it...hmmm

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