Dec 17 2007Women's Room: A Japanese Aquarium Toilet

The women's room at Mumin Papa Cafe in Akashi, Japan is pretty awesome. It's a monster aquarium that completely surrounds you. The owner of the cafe says it cost $270,000 to build, which is pretty damn expensive for a single bathroom stall. It's filled with all sorts of exotic fish and even a male sea turtle that stares at you when you're trying to pee. Which is just wrong on so many levels. I mean sure peeking is okay, but a full blown stare? What a perv.

Note: Whatever show that was on is awesome and I'm totally moving to Japan. Oh, and doesn't it seem the owner is scrubbing the toilet just a little too lovingly at 0:18 in the video?

Luxury toilet built into aquarium [pinktentacle]

Thanks to Eddy, who is cool in my book, for the tip

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Reader Comments

I would love to sit in there all day!!!!!!

Just imagine if the glass cracked!

oddly, the men's room is made to look like the alley behind the bar, and instead of a sea turtle, there's a dog that stares at you.

or did I just go through the wrong door and piss the alley again?

Heh, the Japanese have amazing tv shows...I'd love to have an aquarium this big...though I don't have the money to buy one...maybe if I try cardboard or something...yeah, that should work...

I think this is kinda rediculus. It's just a bathroom. All there gonna do is use the bathroom. Kind of crazy to me.

Funny how that's a sea turtle when it's a freshwater aquarium. Oh and did I mention that anyone spending over $20K on that is a complete idiot.

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