Dec 4 2007Christmas List: R/C Car Metal Detector


The London Science Museum added metal detecting technology to an R/C car so you can find treasure and have fun at the same time. The car beeps and lights up whenever it nears a metal object. It only costs $83, so I may actually end up getting one. Walking the beach with an old school metal detector is just far too boring for me. Sure I've found several expensive rings, but the women they're attached to usually start screaming before I can get them off.

Metal Detector R/C Car [geekalerts]

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Why does it look so cheap? I guess the price is reflecting there. I just cant see anything like this being used elsewhere besides the beach haha.


So it beeps when it finds the closest metal object eh? I guess the entire car, inside and out is made solely of, what technology, a fully plastic motor (or more than one in the case of the car)...either that or the entire thing is encased...but in what I wonder...oh wait, my vote is...metal. Sorry but I just don't see it...unless it's specially designed to work only downwards or something, but either way, wouldn't this thing go too fast for it to actually get a good signal. Look at that, another "con" and few "pros" to this. Oh well, better luck next year...


this looks so stupid .DUH1 ITS SUPPOSED TO BE

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