Nov 8 2007Web 2.0 Social Network T-Shirt: Very Dorky


The Web 2.0 shirt has a list of all the popular social networking sites. You use a permanent marker to check off all the sites you belong to. Then you're supposed to wear it out and let everyone know just how geeky you really are. So what if your friend list is empty on all the sites, there's no space to write that in anyway. I made a similar shirt for myself that has the one social group I belong to: my biker gang. While we don't really make friends or network, we do stomp heads and ride our hogs drunk. Very similar concepts though.

The whole list after the jump.


Web 2.0 Tee [geeksugar]

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Reader Comments

Should I feel socially-accepted for wearing this? ((First))

ok so does anyone else feel if your on all these sites then you 1) suck at actually socializing, 2) are too busy on these sites to actually get aroubd to the socializing part (in person) and 3) arent getting laid at all

just like this site?

cant blame them for trying to come up on this!

all these sites are belong to me

That hand model isn't on facebook? Loser.

Let's see...

...I'm guessing that this means I fail?

@ #1:

You idiot. There's no hyphen in socially accepted. And no, you shouldn't. It probably looks faggoty anyway.

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