Nov 29 2007Blendtec Douche Blends Guitar Hero III Guitar

Tom Dickson, who is most certainly a dick and douchebagger, blends a Guitar Hero guitar in the latest installment of "Will It Blend?". He claims he has 27 grandchildren, but I think we all know this guy has never procreated with anything but a blender. He destroys the guitar because "it doesn't play the Beach Boys". Jesus Tom, enough already. Some of us are still saving our allowances to afford that game, so it's a sad day to see it just chopped up like that. Tom ends with a "So this is what you get for not having the Beach Boys." Well Tom, this is what you get for destroying that game *punches teeth out, grabs Tom's arm* "Will it blend?" *jams Tom's arm in blender*. It blends.


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Well, someone's having her period, huh Geekologie Writer?

Is it just me or that guy got sexually excited by doing this?

i know where you live tom. i'll be waiting in the dark with a guitar, to see if i can blend *you* with it.

I am not a douchebag. Know what I'm blending next? You.

Isn't that a Guitar Hero 2 guitar controller? The GH3 controllers is wireless and modeled after the Gibson SG.


And good point no. 5!

The GHIII guitar is wireless, black and modelled after the Gibson Les Paul. That's the controller that comes with the Xbox 360 version of GHII. Also, why blend the controller and not the game itself?

this is pretty old like a month ago, get with the times

better video,
tom blends an iphone,

Aww ... I love "Will it Blend" and Tom Dixon.

RE; 5. J.Rai - November 29, 2007 1:58 PM
"Isn't that a Guitar Hero 2 guitar controller? The GH3 controllers is wireless and modeled after the Gibson SG."

It's the Guitar Hero 3 for PC, its wired and uses the same style as the GH2 Xbox 360 guitar.

f***ing rat bastard, ill put his balls in da blender, 27 grandkids my ass


hahaha nice. guitar hero and rockband sucks bigtime. worst game idea ever.

1) I sincerely doubt he's seen Spinal Tap.
2) Townshend? 2/3 of the footage was Hendrix.

get in touch to discuss

Rockband is better anyways.

ROFL, i love how some commenters and the geekologie writer thinks that this guy is really hating the game.

Well sorry idiots, but this guy is just doing that to market his blender.

Tom is a marketing genius, but lots of retards hate him because they think he is actually being hateful to all this.

Pretty sure Tom would kick Mr Geekologies ass, blend the evidence, and feed his dogs. On the note of games, To bad you can't fit a Wii into the blendtech

I like you, you're funny.

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