Nov 29 2007Best Modern Artist Ever Presents Drinking Art


Hannes Broecker is a brilliant artist. How can I tell? Because of his 'Drink Away The Art' installation recently exhibited in Dresden, Germany.

Broecker has aroused our sense of taste (not to mention eliminated the need of elbowing our way to the bar) by hanging flat, glass containers with a variety of cocktails in the exhibition space. As the night progressed, the levels of the multi-colored infusions diminished. By the end of the event, the art, itself, ran dry, and empty drinking glasses were returned to where they were originally placed.

I was lucky enough to be there on opening night, and let me tell you -- it was awesome! I got so shit-faced I wandered into the ancient Egypt exhibit and was caught dry humping a mummy. Hey, I prefer my lovers mature.

Two more pictures after the pour.



Drink Away the Art! [neatorama]

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Reader Comments


This is cool. I wonder if the fountain soda dispenser at Wendy's counts as art, too?

I pissed in the yellow one before the show.

Really cool!

Number 3.

If your piss is yellow you need to be drinking more fluids, it should be nearly clear.

Art is dead.

Gives "living art" a whole new meaning. I may be high,but that's amazing.

form AND function - give this man a cookie

Finally, modern art that doesn't piss me off. This just gets me piss-drunk!

ABSOLUTELY fabulous. First piece of modern art I can appreciate and relate to. When's his art tour and when will it be near me. Just think you can impress your girl (if you care) and bring her to this art exhibit just dont tell her about this little detail

How tall is that dude?

Number 5: if your piss is nearly clear, your kidneys are not concentrating your urine properly. You may have a medical problem.

LOL @11

@Uncle Eccoli

You're imagiantion is dead. Art never dies.

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