Oct 1 2007Pet Fanatic Cramped For Space


Apparently some pet fanatic who lives in a very small apartment decided to conserve space by combining two pet habitats in one. The birds live in an acrylic box mostly submerged in a fishtank. While it does look neat, I imagine someone out there is calling the SPCA or PETA. Reminds me of the time I combined two pets. My sister's prized hamster and my snake. She hasn't spoken to me in nine years.

The Birdtank [neatorama, thanks to pet friendly Derek for the tip]

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Um... am I the only one who thinks this is something of a waste of time?

I'm sure it's a pain in the ass to clean but it is a clever idea.

He doesn't conserve space since birds can't swim (duh) so the fishtank has to be bigger to have a bird acrylic box inside it.

But I think the ideia is to merge somehow the two specimen to make it cool and NOT to conserve space you dumb f***...

If only it were done with class. I think it's hilarious though ^_^ LOL

It looks pretty cool though, which, seems to be the point.

Lol please update this when the first bird (or fish) has died of anxiety.

Stumbled it btw

Well, maybe it wasn't for the sake of saving space, rather that the birds were squawking for a change of scenery.

We all live in a yellow submarine... yellow submarine...

That's so close to perfect, all he needs to add is a bonsai kitten jar inside the birdcage.

I have a feeling birds are probably going crazy in there.. esp if they have claustrophobia or something.

The birds would likely be fine. As long as the guy found a way to circumvent the dust circulating around the acrylic cage (the only reason they're not reccomended), then the birds have an interesting and everchanging scenery to occupy their curious minds.

to bad that cage isnt even ok for a canary

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