Oct 19 2007New Vampire 2 Wingsuit For Skydiving


It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's just some dildo in a Vampire 2 Wingsuit from Phoenix-Fly. The suit was designed to slow your free-fall from 111-139 mph to 37-59 mph thanks to the lift created -- allowing you to fly around and enjoy the view longer. It costs $1,250. Now I've been jumping out of planes for awhile now, and I've never worn one of these. They're lacking in style. And I'm all about jumping in style. Which is why I sport a Superman cape. I'm practically the Man of Steel. Sure I'm lacking the superpowers, good looks, and pretty much everything else, but I've got the cape. And the cape, my friends, is a good start.

A picture of a scary looking man who has clearly shit the suit and a video after the jump.

UPDATE: Another video added (thanks Skroonk) that shows some idiot in one of these things trying to touch a mountain while flying around.


Vampire 2 Wingsuit: You're Already Doing Something Stupid, Why Not Look The Part? [uberreview]

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They need to stop making these things look stupid, and try to make them cool instead. Forget Superman; he doesn't use his cape to fly - try BATMAN! Imagine that suit with bat-wings and it instantly doesn't seem so stupid.

How much control do you have "flying around" instead of falling though? You might land in a bad neighbourhood 5 miles from where you intended to land, looking like a dildo that shit himself.

its a bird...no, its a plane...its..

Since I started reading this site, I have seen a few things that I really need. This is one of them. I don't skydive but I could duct tape it to my bedroom ceiling so I could start the day off in a really good mood.

I also need the name of the store for that pet locater (85 decibels) - I also don't have any pets but my neighbor does (used to).

damn - that shot with the orange backdrop - superhero got bedroom eyes, no?

the poor guy looks like a flying squirrel.

this really cracks me up. look at the look he has on his face.

Batman has already had one of those for years. get with the times, people who invent stuff!

you can ruin just about any video in the world by putting linkin park to it.

Wait. Isn't this the same thing that was in that video of the guy flying down the slope of a mountain/valley like only 20 feet in the air, following contours an' shit? Hold on, I'll find it and post the link...............http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmZyB_ghpa0 yeah, there it is. I think their might be a longer one out there though. So, yeah, isn't that the same thing/idea? Is this guy just a fashion designer or something?

OOps. Wrong word in there somewhere. Can ya find it?

Nice idea. Looks retarded.

opinionHated's link worked for me.

They're called wingsuits or birdman suits. They're f***ing awesome.

Basically they allow folks to glide for very long distances, glide ratios of 2.5:1 are common. Often instead of jumping out of a plane, folks will jump off a cliff instead (BASE jumping).

Here's some vids

The "innovative design" frame shows a scientist drawing on the back of a menu with a crayon. He's like "and this is where the wings will be!" turd.
Give me robots!!

nice attempt at being funny you pathetic nerd.

Wow, just make it less poofy, and actually make it look like a vampire suit. u know, like all creepy and dark. Also, throw in fake fangs to bite people after you land.

This thing already has some serious military applications. I believe an individual has already crossed the English Channel in a similar outfit. Imagine exiting a plane and landing in a location some 30 or 40 miles away. Talk about a stealth infiltration! And frankly, I don't care what it looks like as long as it is comes in two colors ... black ... and light blue.

How old must you be to participate in wingsuit skydiving?

Amazing video.. Thanks for sharing it with us...

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