Oct 24 2007Ferrari Segway Is Wrong On So Many Levels


It all started when staff at Ferrari's Maranello plant fell in love with the Segway and started using them to get around the facility. Next thing you know, BAM!, Limited Edition Ferrari Segway PT-I2 ($10,000). Really makes you wonder about the caliber of individual that's assembling those expensive-ass sports cars doesn't it? I'm sure as hell not driving anything put together by someone who rides a f'ing Segway. Expensive or not. That just moved Ferrari's place in my mind from right under Lamborghini to between Daewoo and Kia. I'm sad to say my Ferrari induced boner days are over.

Ferrari Sells Its Soul to Segway [uberreview]

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yeah, screw those Ferrari making bastards!

Wow! Segways FTW! Obviously Segway chase scenes in movies will be coming soon to a theatre near you! ;D

Yeah, that was some revolution there, Dean. Way to go.

Do they come with a helmet or do you have to buy your own?

meh who cares. doesn't ferrari throw their brand on laptops too?

i think volvo should make a version of the segway, complete with 16 airbags. safety first people.

When I get my Segway, I'm going to put my helmet on and ride in back of the Happy Uncle Chinese Restaurant and yell "PWNED Geekologie guy".

See, I'm a Ferrari fan. Now does that mean I fully support/understand their entire line of products: no. For instance, Ferrari made a bicycle (and yes, they make backpacks, etc). My first thought was "cool, a full carbon fiber/kevlar body just like the F-series models!! Then upon further investigation, I found it to be a bike with the logo on it...now that's not that cool. Now take the new FXX for instance, the upgrade to the F60 (Enzo Ferrari), that car rocks!



So I first seen this Segway on GLOBALGRIND.COM and thought, well I didn't really know what to think at first. I think it's pretty funny cuz u can call up a date, tell them ur gonna pick them up in your new Ferrari and show up in front of their house with this dinky little Segway! haha.. priceless!

Brilliant DreFilm. Your unfunny stupid little prank will cost you $10,000. Buying a f***ing Segway should get you a bullet parked in your forehead to begin with.

Great, my dad always wanted a Ferrari somehow.

hey man dont diss the woo i got my first car and me woo is the sweetest thing on wheels so what do you drive then or do ya just borrow ya mummys

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