Sep 7 2007Note Toaster Burns Your Bread


The Note Toaster, designed by Sasha Tseng, is a toaster that will burn reminders into your breakfast. Using a stylus, you write on the top, and then the toaster heats your bread while burning the message in. No word of how the damn thing actually works, which means it probably doesn't, or is still conceptual. If I had to guess I'd say there is a laser involved, or maybe black magic/sorcery. I like it though, and want one. I even have my first message ready. "Honey, stop eating my damn bread and do the freaking dishes. Love, me."

A couple more pics after the jump.



Note Toaster Burns Your Bread [thanks to Derek, Lord of Beautiful Women for the tip, VIA techeblog]

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This thing will cause the divorce rate to rise.

"Honey did you take out the trash?"


"Well I left a note on your toast."

"Well maybe you shouldn't have put jelly on it before giving it to me you dumb bitch."

"That's it, I'm moving in with my sister!"


I totally agree that when they don't explain how that's supposed to work, that it probably doesn't.

Does it only work on super fat Nerf bread, or will my thin Wonder slices suffice?

It only works on white bread and does its job by barely toasting the bread and using an ink jet cartridge to write out the message.

#2: I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks its the lady who should move out. Also, you never find me sleeping on the couch, I sleep in MY bed thank you.

This is not a proto-type. It actually works. The way it works is that the pad you write on is like a magna-doodle and is electrified when you put your TOAST into it (yes, you have to toast your bread beforehand). The lines that are drawn are the connection points and are heated up like a heating element would be. So, your drawing (which is like 2mm from your bread) becomes a heating element and burns the image onto the bread.

#6 STFU.

Ha! Toast-it Notes.

But when you go to get the toast you'll see the message on the top of the toaster anyway, so whats the point in it being on the toast? What they should make is a toadster you can stick notes or an etch a sketch to.

I would draw hearts and stuff so there'd be pretty things all over the bread.

Just think of all the trees we're saving! I'll hand these out at work instead of post-it notes and I'll be the most popular guy at the office - or quite possibly have dry stale toast thrown at me all day.

How has no one yet told Gwen what a genius she is? "Toast-it Notes"!

Gwen, you're a genius.

*takes a bow*
Thanks BoogieG.

Toast-it Notes... haha... *slow clap*

Toast-it Notes ... i LIKE it =D

I'd slam..

Nice concpept. I like this one. But I think this one's obviously photoshopped, notice the sharpness of the text given the texture the bread? although the perspective of the text is correct, they did not distort or even faded a few part of the text to adapt to the form of the breads texture. these seems to be a perfectly smooth burn to be real, though I hope I'm wrong, It'd be really nice to have one of those.

Why make such a point of showing the 2 pin power lead? It's like shouting "look this thing has a plug, it must be real" I think for that reason that this falls into the concept bucket..... Maybe the whole project was started by Gwen who had the idea for Toast-it notes and her team of designers took it from there.

Damn! You figured me out.

its really annoying wen everyone starts talking about the details and saying stupid stuff like ITS BEEN PHOTOSHOPPED.
hey it cooks bread, who cares?

I have a great idea... Set up an account on eBay and start selling "Jesus Toast" or "Virgin Mary Toast" it would make a mint...

Well I want one!!

It's a fact, Gwen is amazing, I want some Toast-it-Notes now :P

Note, dont forget to buy bread, doh, i am out of bread.

how i buy this toaster?

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