Sep 21 2007Knife Rest Lets Guests Know You'll Kill Them


If you want guests to know you'll kill them if they don't like the food you've prepared, try this little guy. Designed by Raffaele Iannello, and available from ThinkGeek, "The Ex" is available in red or black ($70) and chrome ($100). It even comes with five knives, so you're ready to do some stabbing right out of the box. I would get one, but the doctor says I'm not allowed near sharp objects. The last time I had a Swiss Army knife I cut two fingers off. They weren't mine though, they were the doctor's. I'm from the old school, where you hold the thermometer in your mouth. You know where he wanted to put it?

Knife Rest Lets Guests Know You'll Kill Them [thinkgeek]

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Reader Comments

Hey! They sell these in Iraq... but they call them "The American"

Yuk, yuk.....

i have one of these, but it's made out of a cabbage patch doll

dude, this is seriously f***in old... i've had one of these for a few years now!!!


Dude. Best headline ever. I am humbled by your brilliance.

Mine is similar cept its a real cadaver. It is my Aunt Ethel. She died in a "doggie style" position and takes knives conveniently in the back among other areas.

i thought this was already on geekologie a long time ago ?

Welcome to last year!

WTF- this is from a really really old geekologie entry. Way to goooo.

Wow, I didn't think it was possible to be so far behind.

Plus this is a total ripoff of the Voodoo range that's been available in NZ and Australia for at least 3 years... Looks almost identical. Somebody's not playing fair!

indeed this is old. had one for a year or so.

regardless, for anyone thinking of getting it, the rear blade guards are can be removed (and broken in the process) with some careful elbow grease and manourvering to make the block look MUUCCHH cooler.

dont freak out, i dont have kids or pets

Seriously old - my better half got this three years ago, plus the "dead fred" pen holder to scare the people she works with.

Having said that, they're actually very good knives, and the "body" is suprisingly sturdy - highly recommended.

We got that thing as a wedding present a year ago.

It's my favourite piece in our kitchen.

Plus, the knives are not bad at all and the rack is actually quite functionable -- air flows freely around the blades, and strategically placed magnets keep it from being destroyed. It Rocks!


Welcome to the world of two years ago!

haha. ill bet its a newly hired poster.

Wow, I'm surprised you forgot to list Overstock, which has them for $59.99. Oh and this is pretty old.

you can use the knives to spread peanut butter.

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