Sep 21 2007Beer Pong Device Ensures A Sweet Rack


Two college kids, who I imagine are sixth year juniors, started their own company (The Founding Collegians) and created The Rack, which is a device you put the cups in when playing beer pong. It's designed to keep a perfect rack, allow re-racks, and prevent spills. I've actually played with these things before and they work (the ball holders are a nice touch). It stops those jerks who think the object of the game is to just knock cups over. They cost $15 for two. Oh, and speaking of perfect racks, the Geekologie Perfect Rack Competition is now in full swing ladies, so keep those pictures coming via the tip line. The winner gets a free me staring at their hooters.

A video of trick beer pong shots for your mindless enjoyment after the jump.

Product Site [The Founding Collegians]

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so essentially they created a really big mc donalds cup holder

Sweeet! Where can I get these??

Beer Pong is meh.

Lame...if you cup falls over than obviously you don't have enough beer in them! I hate people that play beirut with a sip of beer, defeats the whole purpose of game...anyone else agree?

if only this trick beer-pongage power could be harnessed for good... 'cause then, you know, it wouldn't be just hours of total and utter uselessness.

it's called BERUIT.

Agreed. That is Beruit (sp?). Beer Pong is played with pingpong paddles...

Not so sure about the whole Beirut thing...times are changing. The majority of the US seems to believe that this game is indeed called Beer Pong. Looks like the Beiruter's are in the minority on this one. Long live Beer Pong! See the national poll at:


who the fk cares what it's called?

aparently there's a requirement that you need to wear your hat sideways and drink a lot of beer.

Why do they have to keep holding the cup up to the camera after every shot? We can see the ball going in, stupid.

if you put jagermeister and redbull in a cup and bounce a ball into it, i'll call it beirut, otherwise it's beer pong. or as i like to call it, funihgnKbeeruipohang(barf! bonk!).

Just wondering what if the people want to re-rack with a house or a straight line. That is the reason I did not buy this. Also...what if you buy smaller cups or bigger cups...the cups wont fit or will slide. Creative idea, but left some aspects of the game out.

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