Aug 31 2007Rocking Chair Is Scary, Will Eat You


Designer Mathias Koehler has come up this thing, the "Rocking Wheel Chair" that features an overhead light for reading. It also features scary as hell styling and comes complete with a sense that it will tear your heart out and eat it before it's done beating. Rocking chairs are made for the porch where you sit playing banjo, drinking moonshine, and cat calling all the girls that go by. Call me crazy, but I'm just not feeling it (or anything really, since my girlfriend backed over me for banging her roommate).

Rocking Chair Is Scary, Will Eat You [gizmodo]

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Reader Comments

I like it.

why is this new writer always posting garbage from sucky germany?? and yeah, this rocking chair looks like f*** .. the sideview is like a moon's skeleton and else .. it's looking like a torture device or crap

It needs armrests

Why not the same concept but with a COMFORTABLE chair? Like an armchair or something.. That would be awsum!

It kinda reminds me of "Mac Tonight", the creepiest McDonald's spokesperson-thing EVER.

I think it looks sweet! But dfhjdryj is right, it needs arm wrests.

why is it some many commenters come on here and f***ing bitch all day??

love it!

this has a remarkable similarity to mr.garrison's device in which the probe actually is inserted in the anus.

If you sit in it naked, spread your legs, and put them up on the two posts...... Ummmm.... It could be ::ahem:: useful.

Lulz @ number 9.

The thing looks like some modern art interpretation of one of those Tremors worms' skeleton.

i´m pretty tired of this crappy website.
90% of the posts come from gizmodo...
i´ll better check it out directly.
besides, the only interesting comments are mine.
go figure!

id be scared of rocking so hard (which i do on a daily basis), that id flip over backwards and spin out of control out of my house and down a hill into a pile of bloody, rotten corpses with hemorrhoids.
this is actually my worst fear.

Throw a sheet over it and you've got a private "hair combing" area. The stirrups; an added plus. Needs a weed rolling tray (pull down) and a pair of speakers (fold out). A drink holder would be nice (powered cooling device). Wheels and a source of power and steering, so I don't have to get off my fat ass to do anything other than turn on the microwave and throw the trash out the back door.

takes up too much room

this is crap

I hope this doesn't fall over if you rock too far back.

That could be a bit off-putting the first time you sat in it.

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