Aug 17 2007Mix Tape USB


If you have ever lived, then you know what it is like to listen to the radio with your finger on the record button waiting for your request to come on so you can make the most awesome mix tape ever for your middle school girlfriend. Well Suck UK, the company that has a fascination with both cardboard and retro is dropping a USB drive inside a fake cassette tape to bring back the memories. It even has the track listing area to fill out. Seeing this really took me back to 7th grade. One minute I'm recording "I Will Love You Forever" and the next it's "I Hate You and Want to Throw Myself from the Top of the Jungle Gym and Die". Ah, love.

Mix Tape USB [engadget]

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I wonder if they have a D Block version

this is a completely useful and imaginative product

This just in...Come by my house and I can make this for you and give it to you at a lower cost.

That is absolutely amazing. I wonder what people'll say if you give this to 'em and tell them to plug it in to their computer.

I made a girl a mix tape once.

Looking back, maybe the screams of baby rabbits on a hotplate weren't that romantic.

Live and learn.

yes!!!! i still have a bunch of mix tapes somewhere. ahhh. "Break It Down Again" was always best when heard from the radio.

This brings me back to my earlier's just as the description says "...with your finger on the record button waiting..." Ahhh, yes. I still have all my old cassettes too. Anyway, while I'm sure it'd be either aesthetically pleasing to some, I can only imagine this being to hide usb drives or something.

love it so!

It's about time mix tapes came to the future

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