Aug 13 2007Hacker Camp Uses Porta Johns For Hubs


The Chaos Communication Camp in Germany is using their supply of blue porta johns for hubs to help ensure that connections stay high and dry. This makes perfect sense, because why use a porta john as a bathroom? That would be ridiculous. This is the only logical means of protecting those connections. I mean covering things in big blue tarps is only for the cars in my driveway (I'm all class). Seriously, who needs a bathroom anyways when there are so many other people's tents around?

Hacker Camp Uses Porta Johns For Hubs [wired]

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Two words:

i went to that last year in the netherlands.
3 days of camping with computer geeks.
it was out of control.

In their defense, this would keep things a bit more dry than a tarp would.

Why not just have another tent for it? What does a portajohn have to do with anything geekish or computerish?

To be honest, the internet is a bunch of crap anyway, so this is like an installation art piece!

The Wired site has the whole article. Turns out the organizers set them up as mini-sheds. They just used the container; they were'nt meant to be used for the usual purpose... No blue water, darn!

So you can't piss fart while gaming? ohh how f***ing lame.

Wired hubs? When was this picture taken, 2001?

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