Aug 6 2007Go-llerblades motorized skates


Instructables has a nice tutorial on how to create motorized skates using a pair of inline skates, an angle grinder, and a bag of 12 volt batteries. And just how safe are these? Well instead of brakes, this is how you stop:

In this version, I just put trust in my sense of balance and lifted my foot off the ground while flailing to find a power cable to rip out.

Although I'm too much man to use roller skates. No, instead I just strap live bears to my feet and have them carry me around.

Tutorial [Instructables]

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I tried something similar when I was a kid with my skateboard. Didn't give that much speed though.

When I was a kid, I took my dog for a walk while wearing my skates. I fell and scraped half my face off once. Good times, good times.

Motorized fruit boots! Now I've seen the future... and it sucks.

The world is full of genius inventors paving the way to a brighter future... or maybe the world is full of lazy bastards hellbent on replacing muscle action with batteries... ?

Hey Lily, do you now have to wear a Phantom of the Opera style half a mask? I ask, because THAT would be sexy!

Wile E. Coyote had those about 40 years ago 'fer cryin' out loud.

Look it up,

Lulz, now my Rudy Roughnight cosplay can be complete!

And honestly, who the f*** cares if you're first? People who just post "first" need to choke on a dick. Or stop choking on one. Either way.

hi it's very nice ,i like it

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