Aug 22 2007Aerogel Frozen Smoke Is Awesome


Being a NASA astronaut (and international playboy), I've known about Aerogel (aka: frozen smoke, blue smoke, solid smoke, tasteless jello) since before it was invented. Having been on the scene for a while, many of you may be familiar with the material already, but for those of you out there that aren't, all you need to know is one thing: Its coolness is of mythical proportions.

Aerogel, one of the world’s lightest solids, can withstand a direct blast of 1kg of dynamite and protect against heat from a blowtorch at more than 1,300C. Scientists are working to discover new applications for the substance, ranging from the next generation of tennis rackets to super-insulated space suits for a manned mission to Mars.

I actually had a bed made of Aerogel a few years ago, but one of my live in girlfriends at the time moved it to clean. When I came home from work and threw myself down where the bed used to be I broke all my ribs. Now I live in the hospital.

Check out the article for lots more info. Then buy some on ebay and send it to me.

Aerogel Frozen Smoke is Awesome [thanks to ladykiller Bryon for the article]

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Reader Comments

Again? I had the feeling this was something special. Well obvioulsy it isnt. In fact, its pathetically boooooooooooring! :D

Looks great I can't wait to get one

If this stuff is for real, then I am going to buy a ton of it, make armor suits and rob banks. If it can withstand 1kg of dynamite, then it should be able to stop a bullet.

This is the stuff they used on the stardust spacecraft to collect particles from the solar wind, and get samples from the tail of a comet. Mission went great, until the parachutes didn't open and it slammed into the ground at terminal velocity.

After reading the article linked to from this one, I was sure this was fake. But apparently it's real...

uh,tennis rackets? keep up the good work NASA.

Aerogel is the world’s most advanced insulating material. Our company, PolarWrap, uses aerogel in our line of Toasty Feet insoles. You can read more about aerogel and its use in our products at

This is a ripoff of my invention: fartgel.
the most powerful material known to man or beast, as even my dogs approve.
I´m suing NASA and everyone involved in this.

Why arnt they putting this stuff on the space shuttle? I guess NASA Forgot about that.

After Discovery Accident: "Hmm, in retrospect, maybe I should have told everyone about this stuff."

I am making an essay about this, and the author of this knows almost nothing about Aerogel. First of all, its can only withstand 1200 degrees Celcius, second of all, it is brittle and comes nowhere near to being able to stop 1kg of dynamite, and third of all its expensive to makes, and its not soft, so obviously this dumbass didnt have a bed made of it.
Of course someone like him would not have been an astronaut, especially by the languages and "facts" he uses. Astronauts actually have an education.

ok if aerogel does what it claims then multiple layered suite outside layer aerogel then mylar then aerogel then heat exchanger i.e. tubing and conductive material then layer aerogel then final layer whatever feels good to wear of course the different layers of aerogel will have different gasses or liquids to better the suit you could probably use tempurpedic material, you know nasa has that patent still and use it for their chairs, as the heat transfer i dunno
how to power you ask nasa has got that covered everthing is lighter in space
and for extreme earth conditions adjust the suit accordingly again if it claims what it says it can then weight should never be a problem i hope this helps someone

shit make it interesting pressurize suit outside layer liquid oxygen and hydrogen with flexible ignitor great for 4th of july put good luck on producing the end product novices props to the engineers that can takes a lot to achieve the knowledge to become what you have become

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