Jul 12 2007Sideways Bike


Inventor Michael Killian has designed the Sideways Bike, which is exactly what it sounds like: a bike you ride sideways. The Sideways Bike uses Front to Back balance rather than the traditional Left to Right balance used in regular bikes, creating the sensation of surfing down the road. Sort of like tying a surfboard to the back of a car and "hanging ten." Although that sensation is less like surfing, and more like falling off a surfboard and being dragged on pavement for 100 meters.

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1st.....iPhone FTW

wow, I always wondered what riding a bike sideways would be like......wait, no, no I didn't.

Uhm to surf on the streets, wouldn't it be more logical just learning how to roller skate? Plus you won't look like a retard. Oh too late.

Stupid idea.

replace the seat cushion whith my tounge to enjoy a better ride. hmmmmmmm?

Whenever I ride a bike, I'm always thinking "man, wouldn't it be great if I didn't have to face the direction I'm traveling?" The sideways bike fixes everything!

Is there anything about that guy that doesn't scream "pedophile?"

#5 Joe Mamma-stop saying weird gay shit, consider this your first and only formal warning

This could only be cooler if it had 4 wheels, a shell covering, the driver faced the direction he was traveling, it had a stereo, and a v8 engine.

SPOILERS: there's already something that gives "the sensation of surfing down the road." It's called a skateboard.

I don't remember pedaling furiously the last time I went surfing either.

sideways bike

Please everyone ride these so GuySmiley can sneak up behind you in a car and knock you over. GuySmiley wins!

What makes this idea even dumberer is that he still has to tuck his pants leg into his sock to ride.

Not a positive comment on this bike thing yet! You're all afraid of change, but that's ok. My grandparents are too!

We have no positive comments because it is a freakin ridiculous idea and it looks retarded

Um. Wow. That's....Pointless.


Don't assume that everyone is afraid of change. this idea is just really illogical. why re invent the bike? there are far more fun problems to tackle. like anti gravity. imagine anti grav vehicles that don't emit any greenhouse gases!

Or blow job machines that don't emit green house gases

Or Anti-grav vehicles that emit Blowjobs? Hm? Hmmm?

or blowjob machines that emit blowjobs!

Why the HELL does it have to be useful to exist? If he thinks it is a fun idea, and that it is a fun thing to ride, then it IS a great idea.

there's a dude in boston that's been riding one of these for a super long time, and his doesn't have retarded little red wagon wheels.


why.....just why....iÉ

Thought you might like to know that Steve Buscemi linked to this page on his twitter. http://twitter.com/Steve_Buscemi

22. echoroc
Im pretty sure that is the guy from boston.

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